Download Angry Birds Space for PC with Gameplay Details

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If you are looking to download Angry Birds Space on you Computer for free, we have that for you. Angry Birds Space, the new episode of the popular Angry Birds video game series has been finally released by Rio few days ago, is one of the most anticipated chapters of the Angry Birds game series.

Angry Birds Space Game Play for PC

Angry Birds Space edition is an absolutely special experience of game play. The concept of Angry Birds Space game play is to take players into non-gravitational space environment where angry birds have similar rivals, the green pigs in opposition to them.

Even following a few minutes of Angry Birds Space game play, you will find yourself fully in love with it. Angry Birds Space release does have Angry Birds hovering all the way through space making use of the nearby planets gravity, to set up fabulous trick shots.

Angry Birds Space Game Play includes some brand new birds, new superpowers and entirely unique style to knock the green pigs. As you will get use to with the new Angry Bird Space game play, we will feel that the new version has brought the Angry Birds Space gameplay a bit more easier and understandable, so that you may even successfully and comfortably complete the initial 16 levels in 5 to 10 minutes.

Download Angry Birds Space for PC with Gameplay Details

In Angry Birds Space gameplay, not all the planets are gravitation less. There are a few planets having gravity in them. But the point is to learn the new trick that you have to play skillfully in such a manner that either you strike the pigs directly or destroy the air bubble in which they are floating so that they fall pray to the gravity planets and get smashed as soon as they smack to the planet.

If you’re playing in a big air bubble then you can aim the target (dotted) line in both forward and reverse directions now, due to the central gravity of the planet in the middle of the air bubble.

Angry Birds Space new version has got 5 episodes in which the last one is labeled 'Coming Soon', so therefore 4 episodes are playable with 30 levels each.

Download Angry Birds Space for PC

Angry Birds Space game is running excellent on low end Personal computers. It even plays fine on the PC system with merely 32MB of video memory and it was marvelously smooth. However the official minimum requirements to play and download Angry Birds Space on PC is listed here under:
  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
  • RAM 512MB
  • CPU 1 GHZ
  • Graphic OpenGL 1.3 Compatible
  • Internet Connection (Required for Activation)
While we apologize that we have to remove link to free download Angry Birds Space for PC, thanks to Rio, you can still Download Angry Bird Space For PC trail and enjoy the game!

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