Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

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Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

The increasing competition between Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S is the case of tough smartphone choice for the users. First two of the phones are designed, modeled and manufactured by Samsung, while the third one is an Apple Inc. powerhouse! Who will be the better one out of the Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S, we are here to find that out!

Each passing day, we are seeing more and more smartphones coming out and lining up to create a multitude of competitions. What started off as a mere battle of a few has become something more of a Royal Rumble, where every manufacturer is trying to outgun the other. In fact, the competition has risen so much that we are now seeing models of the same brand getting hostile.

Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S Comparison

Alright folks, let’s get more in the details with what the three packages offer and after this three way collision of Nexus Prime vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S, we will let you decide the champ.

Size, Weight and Dimension
Starting off with the weight and dimensions; the iPhone 4S is 140g, the heaviest of the three. Nexus Prime is 2nd with 135g and the lightest of them is Galaxy S2, with 116g. In terms of dimension, the iPhone 4S looks the most sleek while Nexus Prime is more of a brick.

Android Gingerbread vs Ice Cream Sandwich vs Apple iOS
We loved the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which is clearly better than Android Gingerbread OS and the Apple iOS. However, in terms of usability, Apple still seems to be the clear winner. With the drop down menu and lock screen features, you can be rest assured to get the most optimum.

Display and Screen Size
Display of Nexus Prime is sheer pleasure to look at. It clearly outclasses the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2. The 4.6” Super HD AMOLED Gorilla Glass display makes Apple’s Retina Display look quite elementary. However, it may be questionable to say that a mammoth 4.6” display is practical for a smartphone.

Where the Nexus Prime heavily falls is the lackluster of the mere 5MP camera. Even mid-range smartphones are offering more than that, and that is where the iPhone 4S and even the Galaxy S2 are clear winners. We loved the user friendliness of camera interface of iPhone 4S, while the image results of Galaxy S2 were perhaps the finest.

Processor and Memory
In terms of processor speed, there is no match for the Nexus Prime supremacy of Dual-Core Texas Instruments 1.5 / 1.2 GHz CPU. The Apple A5 (Dual Core) works just fine as well but it is not the high end of iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S also falls in terms of RAM, since it has only 512MB while the other 2 have 1GBs!

Google Nexus Prime vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4S Conclusion

By the look of how things are going, we can well state that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is outdated and dethroned by New Nexus Prime in the list of smartphones by the Korean powerhouse. However, is the new Google venture as good as the iPhone 4S? This is just too early to say. iPhone 4S is a phenomenon and it takes more than a perfect smartphone to become that!
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