BMW i8 and BMW i3: new BMW Electric Cars Models Announced

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BMW i8 and BMW i3: new BMW Electric Cars Models AnnouncedBMW, the German Luxury Car manufacturer has released two new BMW Electric Cars Models for 2011. The new BMW Electric Cars Models arrival will strengthen the Electric Cars segment of the automobile industry as an omen of good fortune.

The all electric model BMW i3 will target the urban car market and will be available with dealers in 2012. While the hybrid BMW i8 model is set to be delivered in 2014 into the automobile market and is more geared towards high performance auto enthusiasts.

Chief Executive BMW, Norbert Reithofer talked to the media, at the event of new BMW i8 and BMW i3 vehicles display:
This is an important new milestone in BMW's history. As the leading premium auto manufacturer in the world, we wanted to offer clients automobiles that were made to order, with an electric motor.
The BMW i8 combines electric and gas-powered engines to allow for long-distance travel, while the compact BMW i3 is clearly designed for city use.

Both have a lightweight aluminium chassis and a reinforced carbon-fibre body to compensate for the weight of the batteries. The cars are to be made at a plant in Leipzig where the company plans to invest some 400 million euros ($575 million) and create 800 jobs by 2013.

BMW i8 the new BMW Electric Cars Models Announced

German automakers, known mainly for powerful vehicles, are trying to catch up with companies like Toyota that got an early start with hybrid cars.

The companies must also meet stricter European Union emissions levels starting from next year.

BMW did not provide details on how much the cars would cost or how many would be made, but the company reiterated that premium car owners were targeted.

German media reports have spoken of 30,000 vehicles per year, which would be well below full-scale production levels, while analysts have warned the cars would not sell well if overpriced.

BMW finance director Friedrich Eichiner pledged his commitment that the new BMW Electric Cars Models announced, BMW i8 and BMW i3 would "make a contribution" to the group's earnings.

BMW i8 and BMW i3: new BMW Electric Cars Models Announced

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