Punjab University Website Hacked by The Student Alliance for HEC Protest

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iTechWhiz (May 19, 2011 1:44 AM PST)- The University of Punjab Website Hacked by some unknown Pakistani student hacking group who call themselves The Student Alliance.

The hacking group claimed this action as a sign of protest to Government of Pakistan's decision of Desolving Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). Federal Government of Pakistan has decided to resolve HEC and decentralize its functions to the provincial governments, a step most of the Pakistanis see negatively as political motivated action.

Here under is the Placeholder message the hackers have left on the main page of website www.pu.edu.pk along with the Birthday Wishes to one of its member and a 'dont worry, your data is intact' pacifier for its lazy webmaster:
Save HEC to save national integrity

The defacement is done for a good cause. That is
to spread awareness; take some time out to read/
understand the concequences of the dissolution.

The data is intact, no harm done. The index.html
file is only replaced with this public message.
2:00 AM

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