Kung Fu Panda 2: Game Screens, Trailer and Release Date for PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox

KungFu Panda 2: Game Screens, Trailer and Release Date for PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox

Kung Fu Panda 2 will be offering four distinctive ways to play – each with varying degrees of interactivity – including a Kinect version that gets players kicking and punching.

Kung Fu Panda 2 will be release alongside the film, which releases May 26, 2011. The game will be available on the PS3, Wii, DS, and Xbox 360 using Kinect.

Though it might not be high on the list of anticipated movie tie-in games, Kung Panda 2 has a chance to be a real standout with the ways in which it asks the player to interact. There will of course be your standard PS3 console version of Kung Fu Panda 2, but it is with the Wii and more importantly Kinect that players will be able to release their inner martial artist.

With Kung Fu Panda 2, THQ hopes to take a seemingly ordinary tie-in game and make it much more interactive by way of Microsoft Kinect. Not only will players be able to use Kinect to try and save kung fu, but they will also be training alongside the Dragon Warrior, Po.

hough there are four distinct ways in which to approach Kung Fu Panda 2 (each of which is detailed below), there is the main through line of Po’s quest to save Kung Fu. In each title players will take on the role of Po and work alongside the Furious Five in order to bring down the evil Lord Shen. Some versions of the game get players involved by way of stylus or controller use, but with Kinect, players get to stand up and become Po.

Essentially, by playing Kung Fu Panda 2 using Kinect, players will be able to punch, dodge, and block their way through the game, with Po delivering helpful feedback along the way. Through Kinect, Kung Fu Panda fans will be able to put themselves right into the events of the film — training and building strength on the road to awesomeness.

While playing Kung Fu Panda on the Kinect is perhaps the best way to experience the game, that doesn’t make it the only way. Wii users will be able to use THQ’s uDraw GameTablet and stylus to manipulate many of the game’s objects and characters. The uDraw tablet mechanic is almost like a riff on the formula that made Okami so popular. As players color in certain items on screen, those items will come to life and fight the enemies of the game. Of course, this game mechanic is only possible with the uDraw Game Tablet, so it’s best to secure one ahead of time.

Keeping with the stylus theme, Kung Fu Panda 2 on the DS, like the other games, will follow along with the film’s storyline, but will also be featuring a unique card game. Titled ‘Five-Card Fu,’ this card game is a simple concept — whichever player lands on the highest cell in a 3x3 grid wins — that provides yet another way for gamers to get their Kung Fu Panda fix.

With four different ways in which to play Kung Fu Panda 2, THQ is taking the Kung Fu Panda property to the next level. There might be more conventional options for casual gamers, like the PS3 offering, but there are also more interactive options that help the player feel more like Po and the Furious Five.

Which of the four gameplay styles Kung Fu Panda 2 offers sounds the most appealing to you? Are you interested in punching and kicking with Po?
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