Nintendo Wii 2 'Project Cafe' Stream Console Playable at E3 2011

Nintendo has officially confirmed its next console Project Cafe, to be seen at E3 2011, all rumors.

Earlier some leaks by WarioWorld had revealed the existence of Project Cafe’. is Nintendo Software Development Support Group website for third party developers.

iTechWhiz has got new details about Nintendo upcoming successor Wii 2 Console, codenamed Project Café or alternate name Stream whose system specification look pretty heavy.

The Wii 2 will have the power to be able to output high-definition video–1080P content–but it is still not expected to have a physical way to read HD content like Blu-ray discs. The 1080P compatibility will be partially thanks to the custom-built tri-core IBM PowerPC chipset that will serve as the Wii 2 core processor.

It look somewhat similar sort of setup as of Microsoft Xbox 360 console. Only, Nintendo will allegedly up the clock speeds to beat out the three 64-bit, 3.2-Ghz cores of Microsoft's competing device, among other enhancements.

Nintendo is not expected to switch up to AMD's fusion platform. An AMD GPU will still power the graphics for the device, but it will come from a enforced version of the R700 architecture.

Like its console peers, Nintendo might mix a few features from AMD successor platform into the mix as well—R800. The GPU should be able to tap into 512MB memory, which should not be confused with the undisclosed amount of physical RAM that the console itself will have.

In total, the specs should be enough to put the Wii 2 in direct graphical competition with the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. That will be a welcome relief to bring Nintendo platform bring well in competition with Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Nintendo Console Project Cafe still without high-definition support in the form of a Physical HD-DVD or Blu-Ray Reader, and that's not expected to change for the Wii 2.

Nintendo release of its Wii 2–currently pegged for April of 2012 comes at a critical juncture for the company. Its Wii console leads the U.S. console market in sales (34.5 million units sold as of April 2011), and Nintendo's rumored 2012 launch of the Wii 2 will give the company at least two years or so of exclusivity before new offerings from Microsoft or Sony pop onto shelves. Let see, will that be enough for Nintendo to cement its new console as a comparable offering!

The Retail Price of the Nintendo Wii 2 is currently expected to float around $350 to $400, based on the costs of the console parts.
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