3D Optical illusions Art Pictures and Eye Magic Images

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Optical Illusions Pictures are Amazing 3D or 2D visually perceived cool images that differ from objective reality. Design by Illusion Artist these pictures look interesting, funny or sometimes scary to Kids and adults alike.

These 3D Optical illusions Art, Paintings, Posters, Pictures and Stereograms use a mind trick in which apparent image information gathered through eye processed by brain give a delusion perception that does not tally with a physical measurement reality. Here under are the three different types of Optical Illusions:
  1. Literal Illusions that create images that are different from the objects that make them.
  2. Physiological Illusions that are the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type (brightness, tilt, color, movement)
  3. Cognitive Illusions where the eye and brain make unconscious inferences. They are also known as "mind games".

3D Optical illusions Pictures

Here under are few most popular 3D Optical Illusions Pictures from all these types:
3D Optical Illusions Pictures and Mind Games
It's an amazing 3D illusion drawing at the Waterloo Station in London by street artist Kurt Wenner. Kurt's artwork uses perspective eye tricks to make it "pop up" in 3D when viewed from a certain angle.

3D Optical Illusions Pictures and Mind Games
Another Cool Optical Illusion painting advertisement for ramen in the causeway Bay Station in Hong Kong. This kind of art require an angle that reveals how distorted this image needs to be to get this one perfect view.

Building Optical Illusions Pictures
A dangrous looking Building Optical Illusions drawing that show a man jumping from the roof of a high building (mixed into other buildings) on the street.

Cool 3D Optical illusions Art Paintings

Lets have a look here under at few more very cool 3D optical illusions pictures, iTechWhiz has exclusively collected for you:

3D Art Optical Illusions Pictures

Architecture Optical Illusions Pictures

Roof Floor Optical Illusions Pictures

Roof Floor Optical Illusions Pictures

DRB Impossible Structure 3D Optical Illusions Pictures

Paper 3D Optical Illusions Pictures

What about a Spiderman Cool Optical Illusion for Kids? we are sure you little angels would love it, here goes your 3D Spiderman Optical Illusion:
Spiderman Optical Illusions Pictures

And a couple of 3D Optical Illusion Road Advertisement painted over trucks:
Road Advertisement Optical Illusions Pictures

Pepsi Optical Illusions Pictures

Amazing 3D Optical illusions Eye Magic and Stereograms

Geometrical shape and angles may do the magic too. Look at these two Amazing Optical Illusions, first with Rotating Circles and second with flipping butterfly wings when you stare at them for few seconds:
Amazing Optical Illusions Pictures Revolving Circles

Butterfly Wings Optical Illusions Pictures

Well, we hope you enjoyed our optical illusions selection. Finally closing it with one of our favourite, an impressive Electric Motor Optical Illusion picture designed by a Netherlands artist.
Optical Illusions Pictures Electric Motor

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  1. These are excellent works of art.
    I saw similar sidewalk art in Calgary a few years ago. It too was amazing.
    These are very talented people who can see in the 4th dimension while painting 3D images on 2D surfaces.
    I love it.

  2. Those are just amazing dude. Will include them in http://smashingtips.com


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