Shokpress Light Pen Future Computer Technology

I viewed a demonstration of this technology somewhere in a Television Technology show. It is really interesting. The organization doing research and development on the technology is hopeful to launch it out in a couple of years.

But let first have a look at these pictures and all you get to see is few pens with hidden cams like device in them? But in reality its not that simple case ladies and gentlemen.

You have getting a chance of sneaking into a potential technology that could one day be very important for the future of computing. The light signaling and sensing technology could be a complete replacement of current computer input and output devices like monitor and keywords.

This pen sort of instrument produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard on flat surfaces from where you can just carry out the normal operations you do on your conventional desktop and laptop PCs.

In the revolution of miniature of computers, the scientists are ahead with photonic technology. see the forthcoming computers within our pockets. It seems like Bill Gates was right a couple of years ago when he said: "You haven't seen anything yet."
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