Google Zeitgeist 2010: Hottest Searches in India

Google Zeitgeist (2010) - While the IRCTC (railway ticket booking) continues to top the charts of the year-on-year fastest rising bracket, some of the newer interesting entries this year are the low cost smart phone maker Micromax Mobiles and YouTube Videos. As the FIFA World Cup grabbed the real world attention, netizens too showed the excitement catching them online. Amongst the most popular on the web – Songs, Facebook and Google remain the top three. Amongst the fastest rising people, Indians searched for British actress Aruna Shields and this year’s new Bollywood sensation, Sonakshi Sinha. Other favorites from Bollywood were Zarine Khan, Katrina Kaif; and amongst the men, Salman Khan ruled the web.

If Google is to be believed, maximum brand searches in India are on mobile phone companies and telecom operators. The findings are part of Google Zeitgeist 2010, which is based on the aggregation of search queries people typed into Google this year. Micromax is on a rise and its amazing to see that Indians went crazy searching for Micromax mobile, IRCTC and youtube videos through out 2010.

As per the data, seven in ten most popular brands in India, five are mobile handset companies and two are operators. The most popular handset brand is Nokia, followed by Samsung, Micromax, Apple and Sony Ericsson, in that order. The most searched operators include Airtel and Vodafone. This definitely says a lot about our mobile crazy country. No doubt we have 600 million plus mobile consumers!

Nokia had always been the most sought-after mobile phone brand in India as it caters to both high end and low end customer base. But 2008 saw the rise of Micromax, which started giving tough competition to Nokia with its range of low cost feature rich phones. Micromax has also recently joined the Android bandwagon with the launch of its affordable Android-based smartphone called A60. Samsung too has created a buzz in the mobile phone market with its attractive smartphones such as Star, Corby, Galaxy S, Galaxy 5 and now, a tablet - Galaxy Tab. Apple, unlike its popularity in the West, failed to charm Indian customers. Due to the high price of its iPhones and the issue of unavailability without bundling, Apple could not make it so big here. At present, one can buy an iPhone in India only through Airtel or Vodafone stores.

Another interesting trend that we see in Google Zeitgeist 2010 is that among the top ten fastest rising brands on Google search in India two are handset players Micromax and Samsung Mobiles, and free SMS service Way2SMS. Here under is a categorized Google 2010 most searched lists:

Fastest rising

  1. IRCTC login
  2. micromax mobile
  3. youtube videos
  4. fifa
  5. facebook
  6. cricket live score
  7. twitter
  8. way2sms
  9. samsung mobile
  10. zedge

Most popular

  1. songs
  2. facebook
  3. google
  4. youtube
  5. yahoomail
  6. gmail
  7. yahoo
  8. nokia
  9. orkut
  10. irctc

Fastest rising people

  1. Aruna Shields
  2. sonakshi sinha
  3. zarine khan
  4. lalit modi
  5. neha sharma
  6. shakira
  7. katrina kaif
  8. sachin tendulkar
  9. lady gaga
  10. salman khan

Most popular movies

  1. kites
  2. endhiran
  3. dabangg
  4. 3 idiots
  5. harry potter
  6. ravaan
  7. veer
  8. my name is khan
  9. twilight
  10. rajneeti

Most popular brands

  1. Nokia
  2. samsung
  3. airtel
  4. micromax
  5. dell
  6. maruti
  7. vodafone
  8. apple
  9. sony ericsson
  10. HP

Most popular how to

  1. get pregnant
  2. kiss
  3. impress a girl
  4. improve spoken english
  5. reduce weight
  6. gain weight
  7. tie a tie
  8. create a website
  9. make money
  10. meditate
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