Google Zeitgeist 2010 - Most Seached Mobiles and Apps

Dial-a-Phone (Dec. 13, 2010) - Google has released Zeitgeist 2010, a report about search trends that shows what topics people were most interested in during the past year.

The information in the report can be organized by general topic as well as by the region where searching was done. Several mobile phone issues made the top of the list, which included major global events like the world’s first face transplant and the European Debt Crisis proving yet again how important mobiles are to us in the world today.

Some of the mobile-relevant information revealed by the Zeitgeist report includes:

  • The iPhone 4 was the most globally searched mobile phone subject in 2010 in the consumer electronics category. However, even more searches were done for the iPad and the U.S. was particularly interested in the iPhone and Apple. In fact, Apple stores were among the top ten searches on Google Maps in the U.S. in 2010. The UK was less interested in the iPhone; it didn’t make any of the UK-specific lists although the iPad was one of the fastest-rising searches.
  • Only a few other mobile phones made it onto the list for global searches. They were the Nokia 5530, the HTC Evo 4G and the Nokia N900.
  • People were highly interested in BlackBerry Apps in 2010. It was the only apps search that made it onto the global search list for consumer electronics.
  • Windows 7 didn’t make it onto the global search list but was among the top ten in terms of Google Product Searches in the United States.
  • "Mobile technology" was the ninth most popular search in the general “in the news” category. The iPhone 4 was sixth in this particular category.
  • People were very interested in using their mobile phones to help humanitarian aid efforts. This is shown by the fact that so many people searched for information on "text to donate".
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