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Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and features along with Galaxy S4 Price has been just tipped off by the sources close to the Korean World's top smartphone manufacturer, after the launch of Apple iPhone 5 and expected iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 6 in 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Series has been considered now among the world's best of smartphones for quite some time. Galaxy Phones are also termed as "iPhone Killer" for the fact that they have snatched a lot of Apple iPhone fans all over the world.

For those contemplating the purchase of the latest addition to the series, upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, it will be helpful to know about the release and details of the next one.
New Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs, Features and Price

Galaxy S3 immense success, safely predicts the new addition will be titled Galaxy S4. Lets find the exact information about Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date, Price and Features!

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and Features 2013

There are a few features we can predict in this latest addition of upcoming Galaxy S4:

Larger HD Super AMOLED Display
The S3 screen comes with a higher pixel density as compared to the Galaxy S2. However, some users remain critical of the PenTile technology because they believe it has led to the loss of color saturation and vivacity. While PenTile consumers less power, users wish to see a sharper display like the S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 specs might include a 1080p 4.99 inches HD Super AMOLED display. The new Galaxy S4 display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with more than 441ppi pixel density, twice as many pixels as found in Apple iPhone 5 Retina display.

Galaxy S4 gives brilliant responsiveness with the AMOLED display. With a screen size approaching 5 inches and an AMOLED display, although the manufacturer has yet to decide to use flexible display technology. But the Super AMOLED screen features brilliant vivid colors that are rich and let you see every small detail. Have a superior experience of viewing photos and videos, and games. There is a smoothness and fluidity to the screen that makes navigation pleasurable.

13 MP Camera
Galaxy S4 is coming out with a rear 13MP camera, the leaks reveal. Samsung Galaxy S4 would also come with a 1080p video capability with a significant improvement in its sound quality. The new 13 megapixel camera will be capable of capturing 4208 x 3120 resolution images.

Quad-core 2.0GHZ Exynos 5450 Processor
According to the report, the Android-based Galaxy S4 will use 2.0GHZ Quad-core Exynos 5450 processing chip. The new processor has tremendous power and helps in running all your programs and apps smoothly.

NFC and 4G LTE
There are strong probabilities that Samsung Galaxy S4 will include Near Field Communication. The high processing speed combined with the 4G LTE network’s lightning speed gives Samsung Galaxy S4 an even speedy smartphone experience.

3300mAh Longer Battery
A longer battery is a must to handle for all the power requirements that come with increased power load. Samsung Galaxy S2 had 1650mAh battery which was adequate for usage at that time, Galaxy S3 with 2100mAh was not bad even. But with Samsung Galaxy S4 a 3300mAh power pack battery seems to be unavoidable.

Wireless Charging Support
There are reports that Samsung will incorporate Wireless Charging Support in Galaxy S4 so that it can also be charged kinetically.

Improved S-Voice
When compared to Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S-voice does not show the same ability. When Galaxy S4 is released, users will want a voice recognition program that is much more advanced and sophisticated. There will be demand for a program that is capable of taking hundreds of commands and also gives directions and forecasts weather.

Faster Browsing, Downloads and Uploads
With the new Galaxy S4 4G, being without unlimited entertainment options is out of the question. Use the Samsung Media Hub to find your favorite TV shows and movies and download them instantly. Playing video games and opening pages with Flash content is a dream on this smartphone. Store all your media and favorite photos in the phone and store and watch video files, both of which are possible with the 32GB expandable memory and a better battery life.

No Buffering For Video Chats
No matter what your location, you can stay connected to family and friends and enjoy video chat using the S4’s front camera and QIK, which is an app for video chat designed exclusively for Android devices. Using the T-Mobile 4G connection, there is no need for buffering. Galaxy 4S comes with a 5.0 MP camera, which you can use to shoot sharp images and videos in HD.

Chrome as Default Browser
Android ICS default browser and Honeycomb had been replaced by Chrome with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update. With fabulous speed and elegance, it is surely the best of browsers. Jelly Bean allows users to resize and organize widgets manually. With Jelly Bean, there has been a vast improvement in the camera and accessing photos requires only a single swiping gesture and a pinching gesture can show you the photos in film strip.

Android 4.2 Jelly Beans
Samsung Galaxy S4 will run latest Android 4.2 Jelly Beans operating system. Which includes features like Performance Profiles, Better multiple device support, Enhanced social network support, Built-in swype input, video chat, contacts Multi-select, Cross-device SMS sync and many others. With Android 5,Samsung Galaxy S4 will allow to make calls over Wi-Fi and use 70,000 apps.

Seek Guidance from the Green Guides
To combine latest technology and customer convenience, Samsung has designed a virtual guide, which offers an environmentally friendly way of giving customer support. With this guide, you get a one-stop experience combining all user guides, commercials, support videos and simulations for the smartphone.

However, according to a report published in The Korea Times, Samsung plans to brush off some of the Apple iPhone 5 impact with a new Galaxy S4 introduced next February/March at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in US, UK

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone was per-ordered as high as $800 from Amazon, when Galaxy S3 was announced. Enthusiastic fans of this world's premium smartphone series will still be ready to pay a lot for the next version of this state of the art device. However, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in US and Canada is expected to be around $750, while Samsung S4 Price in UK is around £499 including VAT.
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