The Last of US Part-3 Release date & Trailer PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One

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In a world full of blockbuster games, every developer remains in a rush to create thrilling sequels for the players. Naughty Dog is one of those famous developers who come up with something engaging that serves to be a priority for all. He is a master of knowing when to give the audience some breathing space regardless of the violence. The reviews on his projects have mostly been positive and are praised by every gamer. Well, there are possibilities of the Naughty Dog's new launch of "The Last of Us Part 3", which is expected to be a master-work similar to "The Last of Us Part 2", which came into the digital market with the breaking sales record for the sum of 4 million copies sold in a single week.

So, Let's grab a quick recap of "The Last of Us Part 2" which is considered the finest and one of the best projects in the Naughty Dog's development series. The Last of Us Part 2 story revolves around Ellie and Joel's emotional journey when they lead off on an appalling tale of revenge. The story throws light upon the character's past, present, and future lives to exhibit the reason for their fight for survival. The game was showcased appealingly with lots of emotions and heart-wrenching scenes that left the audience in stunned silence. Further, the combat, graphics, features, gameplay mechanics, and game characters were simply fantastic.

The Last of US Part-3 Release date & Trailer PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One

In this article, we've compiled all the relevant details of Naughty Dog's expected sequel named "The Last of Us Part 3" which will surely be going to assist all the fans. So, for the clarity of the sequel, proceed reading further.


The Last of US Part 3 Release date:

There is no official announcement concerning the release of The Last of Us Part 3 because the Game's Director Neil Druckmann maintained suspense by not giving any clue. He indirectly said that the team needs to figure out how to originate a new experience that corresponds to the previous stories' emotional impact, and we currently don't know what that is. This statement is analogous to his 2014's statement following the release of The Last of Us: Left Behind. So we can expect the possibility of the new sequel to be 50/50 as the team hasn't reached a concrete story or maybe they're waiting for the optimum time to disclose about the new launch.


If The Last of Us Part 3 is revealed, we can expect it to appear within seven years because it took seven years between the launch of The Last of Us Part 1 and 2, so we expect the same for the new launch. The game is also likely to be played on new generation consoles such as Playstation 5 and Xbox One that seems to be exciting news for gamers.


The Last of US Part 3 Gameplay:

Well, the audience was super satisfied with the splendid gameplay of Naughty Dog's latest launch as The Last of Us Part 2 was packed with stunning gameplay features that contained several choices for the players to assist Ellie to combat her enemies and take her revenge. It incorporates jumping options, prone options, robust dodge mechanics, combat encounter options, and much more. So, we can expect The Last of Us Part 3 to be a replica of the previous launch with much-upgraded features that can serve to be a master project in the blockbuster gaming series.


The Last of US Part 3 Playable Characters:

Since, the leading characters of The Last of Us Part 2 were Ellie and Abby, who maps out for revenge after suffering from tribulation, but for In the Last of Us Part 3, we can expect a turn off in playable characters. It's probable to see Yara and Lev as the primarily playable characters for the new launch, or maybe there is something in secrecy that we're not aware of.


The Last of Part US Part 3 Story

The Last of Part US Part 3 Story

As per the intentions of the Game's Director Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us stories should twirl around love. We can expect within the new launch of the series, and the developers would spotlight the sibling love. They can probably turn up the story of two Seraphites named "Yara and Lev" from The Last of Us Part 2 or something unique from which we was kept in the dark. So, slow your roll and wait for the official announcement to be made.

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