God of War 6 Release date 2021 for PS5, PS4

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God of War is pondered as a PlayStation's gem after its inception in 2005. It is packed with an incredible story of father and son's bond in a world full of antagonists. With the success of GOW's previous launch, i.e., God of War 4, the gamers are curiously waiting for its new launch. The sales record of God of War 4, reached a sum of 10 million units.

God of War 6 Release date 2021 for PS5, PS4

So, Let's grab a quick recap of God of War’s previous launch serves to be a masterwork for all. God of War 4 was awesome and was considered the good sequel in the series. The developer, Santa Monica, incorporated stunning graphics in it with incredible features. Everything was modified correctly in it from camera angles, game mechanics, and story. This is the reason why the audience had praised the game a lot. So, we can assuredly expect the new God of War series from Santa Monica to be launched soon.

The question arises will the series end up with God of War 5, or there must be God of War 6 too?. Several rumors are swirling around the way regarding the launch of God of War 5. However, the studio hasn't come up with anything official, but we can expect the game to be under development due to various reasons. Hold your horses, as we've discussed all the queries and proven them accordingly in this article that will assist you all. So, for the clarity of the sequel, proceed reading further.


God of War 6 Release date

There is no official announcement from Santa Monica Studio regarding GoW's new series, but there are many juicy hints wrapped in Cory Barlog's tweets. He stated that the Gow's core team had plenty of story ideas for five new games; therefore, it's quite apparent that the team is under preparation for a new launch with secrecy.

Another clue from Santa Monica's published job post for a "Senior Combat Designer" highlights GoW's new sequel's probability. The post clarifies an applicant's requirement with a good knowledge of God of War (2018), a thrilling combat system, game mechanics, and enemies. So, we can expect the GoW's new series to be just around the corner. It's probable to have the God of War 5 trailer revealed in 2020 on a new generation console because the gamers are super excited to see the latest games on PS5. Also, we can expect to have God of War 6 to be launched in mid-2021.


God of War 6 Gameplay

The players can expect to have the most refined gameplay for God of War's new launch. It's expected to be filled with stunning graphics, incredible features, upgraded mechanics, better options, a smooth combat system, zero load screens, character upgrades, etc.

The new launch is expected to be a trilogy packed with multiple villains. So, we can expect new resources for the players which may incorporate better rage ability, various weapons, time-travel options, freedom for actions, and many others.

The new series is also expected to be an upgraded version of the previous launch of God of War PlayStation 4 and will surely be going to debut in the digital market. So, hold your breath and wait for the official announcement from Santa Monica Studio.

God of War 6 Story

God of War 6 Story

God of War 6's story will be expected to revolve around Krato and his biggest enemies. Krato will continue his passage along with his beloved son Atreus and explore the Norse realms to kill more gods. He will face plenty of trials to save his son from a vast range of enemies. Therefore, the audience can expect the story to be filled with lots of challenges for Kratos.

There is also a probability of Ragnarok to begin as Kratos has killed Thor's two sons, who became a barrier in his way. Also, he killed Baldur, Freya's dear son, which again leads to discrimination between Odin (Baldur's father) and Kratos. So, we can expect the story to be filled with thrilling challenges that will come along Krato's way.

The core antagonists for the God of War's new launch was expected to be Thor, Odin, and Freya. So, there's a probability of God of War 6 to come into the market just after God of War 5. The story cannot end up with GoW 5, as the series is a complete tragedy with lots of villains around the way. Even if Thor were killed, Kratos would move towards the next antagonist, maybe Odin

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