Google Pixel 5 Release date 2020, Specs, Price

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With new Pixel 5 phone in 2020 Google brings solid specs within the same price, top cover the shortcoming of Pixel 4 like not enough battery life, not very advanced featured cameras, and low storage capacity. According to lates, reports, and rumors about Pixel 5, in fall 2020 (autumn) Google pixel 5 is launching with refresh the unique design and Android flagship features phone. 

Google Pixel phone series has earned a reputation for superior mobile photography. Thanks to the software-powered computational photography, Pixel 4 in 2019, is still ranks as one of the best camera phones. But other phone manufacturers are giving it a tough fight, including two of the flagship revivals Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 108MP and 10x lossless zoom and Apple iPhone 12 releasing before Google Pixel 5 in September 2020.

Google Pixel 5 Release date 2020, Specs,  Price

Google Pixel 5 Release Date

Wondering when will the Pixel 5 be released? Well, Google Pixel 5 expected release date is October 14, 2020. The Google Pixel 5 2020 official event is coming in mid of October 2020. Still, you can doubt on release dates because of a coronavirus outbreak. The world’s best companies are facing trouble in assembling the required gadgets of phones. According to some sources, Apple may delay its new phone launch iPhone 12 because of the closure of all companies and other activities.

Google Pixel 5 price

Android Central rumors that Google may launch the Pixel 5 and 5 XL phones at the same $800 and $900 same as Pixel 4 & 4 XL. We believe, in terms of prices, Google pixel phones are not cheap but there is consistency in cost: Pixel Price $642 Pixel 2 Price $649 Pixel 3 Price $799 Pixel 4 Price $799 The new Google Pixel 5 price is the same $799

Google Pixel 5 Specs and Features

In Pixel 5 Reddit leaks there is are rumors of Google downscaling new Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL phones from flagship to mid-range under codenames Redfin and Bramble. Tom's Guide reports that we are likely to have two new Pixel phones in the form of Google Pixel 5 XL and Pixel. The biggest Google Pixel 5 leak so far relates to the Pixel 5 XL. A high-quality render showing a supposed prototype of the phone has leaked, which you can see below.
Here is Google Pixel 5 review to have a look at what Google Pixel 5 phone specification and feature according to latest Google Pixel 5 leaks, rumors, and reports:
  • Pixel 5 Design The top bezel might be trimmed, which was present in Google Pixel 4. Apart from these changes the rest of the design would be the same. As Slashleaks posted about this phone having chunky bezels. Which is representing that face unlock will be continued in Google pixel 5 line up.

  • Pixel 5 Camera John Prosser of front page Tech leaked and claimed about the design of Google Pixel 5. He claimed that this upcoming advanced featured phone would have a face like a camera design in the center of its’ back. There were only two cameras in previous Google Pixel 4, but this time the latest version (pixel 5) would carry three rear cameras (which are primary camera, telephoto camera, and ultra-wide camera).

  • Pixel 5 Screen size There is no news reported regarding the display of google pixel 5. Although Google Pixel 4 carried a 90Hz refresh rate on an OLED. It is expected that google pixel 5 has no advancement or improvement in its display. Pixel 5 will stick with the previous 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) 90Hz display, but the refresh rate is still good as the 60Hz rate is carried by a lot of best-selling phones. However, Google Pixel 5 XL screen size is expected to be 6.3 inches (16cm) with 1440 x 2960 pixels screen resolution and 522ppi pixel density.

  • Pixel 5 Processor Google phones are very reliable and have a unique feature in the sense of its’ snapdragon processor. Recently, QUALCOMM shared a list of several phones carrying the new system chip, the snapdragon 865. Although, Google pixel 5 name was not included in that list any need to worry about that as it only declared those phones which had already launched. It is expected that Pixel 5 will have a 765G chip snapdragon which may help the consumer in getting a phone at a low cost.

  • Pixel 5 Storage One of the drawbacks of pixel 4 was 64 GB storage. We are expecting the same issue in Pixel 5 as well. According to some rumors, pixel 5 may carry 128 GB storage.

  • Pixel 5 Battery Life Regarding Google Pixel 5 battery life, we can expect improvement in this area. The trend of long battery timing with a bigger size forced Google to make changes in the battery. Google seemed to avoid the long battery life in its previous version pixel 4. Although, pixel 4 battery life and size were 2800 mAh. It worked only 8 hours 3 minutes, but 4XL featured a longer battery of 3,700 mAh. This 3700 used to last 9 hours and 42 minutes. The expecting battery life in pixel 5 is 3080 mAh, an increase of 10 percent would be a great improvement in Google pixel line up. Besides, reports are telling that pixel 5 would have wireless charging. Qi device helps to charge the phone by keeping it on the back of the phone.

  • Pixel 5 5G Connectivity We can expect 5G connectivity in pixel 5, which is the smartest and advanced feature of the phone. Google is trying to use low tire chips for low prices and making phones affordable. Google is dropping the snapdragon 865 processor which has 5G connectivity, but snapdragon 765 also has the feature of 5Gconnectivity. In the sense of working capacity and excellent gaming and photo effect, an 865 processor is the best option.

  • Pixel 5 Android 11 Google Pixel 5 will offer Android 11 latest update.
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