Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

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According to company officials, Galaxy S7 Edge is the more popular of its two new handsets so far, in Europe anyway. The company says the larger S7 Edge accounts for 61% of sales so far, compared to 39% for the Galaxy S7. But one thing is for sure that both phones are performing much better than last year’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, apparently.

With this brief success review of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, one can consider the motivation level of company for the next phones. It is a fact that Samsung is becoming better with every new release. Every new model is performing pretty good then previous. It can be said in terms of design as well as performance. You may surprised to see an article about S9, as S8 didn’t hit the market yet. But this article is here to help you to decide that you should upgrade your galaxy in 2017 or you should wait for S9.So keep reading, find specifications and make decision.

And if you are not a Samsung user then there are many good reasons to switch to Samsung like Samsung is one of the major contenders for best Smartphone manufacturer in 2016. It offers a strong range of Galaxy mobiles for all budgets. These Android handsets boast slick design, excellent features such as fingerprint sensors and some of the best camera tech found on any phone. So now, what do you think?
Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Release date, Price, Specification

Here you can find all information about Specification, Release date and Price of Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Specification

If you are interested to know that what Samsung Galaxy S9 edge could bring, then keep reading. Below some eye-catching Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features are listed.

Fast Speed

Fans of Samsung always complain about its speed. They want to see improve speed and performance. Here is time to bring these features in upcoming phone. So you don’t need to be disappointed, your new phone’s speed and performance will be simply amazing.

Glass Boundary

Speculations suggest that upcoming phone will come with a unique glass-like surround that will hold up much better than the existing ones. By having this feature, phone will not only be durable but also smart.

Extreme Rapid Charging

It is expected since last few years that most high end mobile devices may come with feature of fast charging to facilitate users especially businessmen. This expectation is going to be fulfilled by upcoming Samsung Galaxy Edge 9. upcoming Samsung S8. This phone will come with a super fast charging ability. The rapid charging feature will allow you to charge your battery to its full capacity in only 20 minutes.

Android Auto

You might have seen this in ads but now it’s time to see it in real, now with your Galaxy Samsung S9, you will be able to control music in your car using the Android Auto app. In addition to this, another wow feature is to pay at different retail shops with your S9.

Camera Features

Users who love to maximize their camera experience while using Smartphone, don’t need to wait long.S9 Smartphone will come with amazing camera features for maximum photo and video experience including optical image stabilization, auto laser focus, HDR, geo tagging and facial recognition.

Phone Memory

You will get two memory options to choose from, with S9. There will be 64 and 128 GB internal memory options to choose from. Additionally, expandable dual micro SD cards will make the memory much better.

Flexible Screen

Since the release of S6, flexible screen is expected but due to some problem in testing, Samsung has might decided to postpone that for upcoming S9. Now, it’s right time for company to bring it in Galaxy S9. Flexi feature could increase the price higher.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Price

Retail price of Galaxy S9 edge is expected to be $900 USD. This is only an round about estimation, there can be slight deviation upon release, largely depend on the features that the phone come with. It is expected that price won’t be that much high and you may get it for low if you Pre-Order that.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Release date

If we look at the previous trend of Samsung galaxy releases, then S9 Edge should be in our hands during the 2nd quarter of 2018. But there may be a little difference in release date of two i.e. S9 and Edge S9. But second quarter is confirmed as we have seen in case of S6 Edge, it was launched worldwide in April while the Galaxy S7 Edge release date is believed to be the same month.

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