Best Email Clients/Apps for Windows 7,8,10

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Looking for best Email Clients/Apps for Windows 7, 8 or 10? Here is a hand picked perfect selection of the top and outstanding Email Clients for Microsoft Windows users.

Almost all of us have one or more email accounts and most of us check our inbox regularly using either web browser or a dedicated email client. You might not like to receive emails while on a vocational trip with your family.

But checking emails has become integral part of your everyday life. Whether you are running your own business or work as an executive, you need a trusty email client that is fast, reliable and secure.

Microsoft Windows 10 has its own Mail App, but it does not offer the right balance required between security. Furthermore, Microsoft Email App is not available for older versions like Windows 7 home, professional. ultimate and Windows 8.

Best Free Email Clients/Apps for Windows

Fortunately, 3rd part developers have created plenty of free email clients for windows users. However, it is very difficult to download, use and test which one works the best for you. Nobody has time and energy to experiment with each alternative email client app out there. So we set aside a great deal of time to attempt a large portion of the email management applications that work well for for windows 7, 8 and 10 users.

Best Email Clients for Windows 7,8,10

Let's have a look at of each of Windows email client applications to learn its features and pick the one right for you, from this rundown of 10 best free email client apps.
  1. Windows Live Mail

    Microsoft has its own desktop email customer "Windows Live Mail" which is stuffed with numerous components. It is one of the speediest stacking Email customer when contrasted with others.

    The Client Interface is basic and straightforward by any. You can oversee boundless email accounts from all prominent email suppliers. You can likewise deal with your business email accounts as well. You can likewise deal with your contacts and occasions in the timetable even in disconnected from the net.

  2. Mozilla Thunderbird

    Thunderbird is a wonderful Email Client for the users of Windows. It is basically powered by Mozilla that gives more convenience to the users to deal with all of their email accounts from single tray. The users of Windows get a top ranking email client with outstanding qualities in the form of Thunderbird. This is how to use Thunderbird.

    When you download Thunderbird, you need to set the System Integration for it whether you want to receive only Emails or Newsgroups and Feeds too. Select your preferences and go ahead. Once you have finished the process of adding email accounts to Thunderbird, you would be able to receive the emails in it and the below images show a Gmail account in Thunderbird where you can see all of the required functions and features.

    In the whole, Thunderbird enables you to use a completely protected and secured emailing system where you do not get spammed emails and irritating content. You do not need to pay any cost to download this wonderful Email Client as it is a freeware. Download Thunderbird from here.

  3. Mailbird

    Mailbird offers a disorder free Email experience on your Windows 10 PC and it has been highlighted as the best email customer by prominent tech locales like PCWorld and itworld. Mailbird is a decent different option for Sparrow, a mainstream Email customer for Macintosh and it has been as of late obtained by Google.

    Mailbird application permits clients to include and utilize different email accounts on a solitary window, The application likewise highlights console easy routes, marks and envelope hunt, message sneak peaks and HTML support for adding your own mark to your messages.

  4. EmailTray

    EmailTray is one of the outstanding Email Clients available for the users of Windows. Find here what EmailTray does for the users.

    It helps in sending or receiving emails whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN or any other email account. You can use multiple email accounts in EmailTray as the name of the client suggests it is a tray containing all of your email accounts in a single place. You would be able to be notified by EmailTray when you receive any important email from any of your contacts. EmailTray is more and more concerned with your emailing system security. You would not be irritated by the Spam emails while using EmailTray. This amazing email client enables you to view the Facebook activities information of the sender of email exact in the message window opening in front of you.

    Once you have installed EmailTray on your system, you need to add your email accounts to it to retrieve the emails from it. Now EmailTray windows appear before you. Here on the very left corner you will find an option “Top Priority” where you will find the emails from your top priority people whom you are looking for a prompt response. You can fine-tune the priority of the emails from your contacts by using the priority options given to the very right top corner of the window as it has been shown in the image below.

    It can be used on Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 8.1. It is absolutely free of cost. Get EmailTray from here.

  5. Postbox

    Postbox gives you more freedom and convenience of receiving and sending emails to your contacts with a perfect security system. You would be able to get an outstanding Gmail integration, easier access to your social networking communities and a better and improved support for Dropbox. You can organize your folders and account in the form of a group. You can also keep your personal account and professional accounts separate by using this amazing Email Client. You can use its Automagic Tagging function that enables you to organize the emails by using a specific keyword.

    It is quite easy for you to shift from one email account to another if you have added multiple email accounts in Postbox. Moreover, you are 24 hours in touch with all of your social contacts on popular online social communities. Get PostBox from here.

  6. Inky Email Client

    Inky is what a user can desire to have for an organized system of sending and receiving emails in a unified Inbox. It gives you more freedom to send and receive images and files from Cloud. You can sort out your account’s data according to its relevance. It does not make a difference if you have a POP or IMAP account. You do not need to go through the complicated process of adding server and port numbers while you are adding your email accounts as it discovers the account’s server and port number automatically. You just need to provide your email address and password.

    Inky is more concerned with your security and that is why it Alerts feature warns you about suspicious emails and you can avoid them with the help of this option. When you have done with the installation of Inky on your system, it will appear on your screen. You need to wait for a while as it takes a few moments in installing its components. As you add your email address and password to the given boxes, the automatic system of Inky would be able to recognize the email provider and you do not need to add any other information to it. It will lead you towards email box. Download Inky from here.

  7. Em Client

    Em Customer 6 for Windows 10 is our first pick which is very prominent among the group for its basic and simple to utilize interface. You can utilize numerous email accounts however the free form of the application is constrained to utilize just 2 email accounts.

    The application offers a few components like you can import the greater part of the things from all email applications. It underpins Skype and in addition every single mainstream email like Gmail, Hurray, Standpoint and so forth.

  8. Zimbra

    Zimbra is another desktop customer for Windows 10 which is known for its components. The desktop customer offers tabbed interface which is anything but difficult to explore. When you take a gander at the UI you may call it obsolete yet it offers an extensive variety of elements like you can likewise watch out for your social records like Facebook and Twitter inside of the application.

    It additionally underpins numerous email suppliers straight out of the crate. The application has capacity to handle boundless mail records and you can work online and also disconnected from the net.

  9. MetroMail

    With regards to applications made solely for the windows metro interface, Metromail stands separated from the rest and it bolsters both Windows 10 and Windows telephone 10, You can design the application to utilize real email administrations like standpoint and Gmail.

    The application additionally gives you a chance to store messages on your PC, so you can read them regardless of the fact that you are disconnected from the net.

  10. Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Microsoft is a customized email administration from Microsoft and your single standpoint record has numerous profitable uses, for example, adjusting Timetables, Contacts and Notes on Windows 10 fueled PCs.

    Tablet and Telephone. You can upgrade the application by adding more elements to the application through include ones.

You can also check out Best Email Clients for Mac OS X and this YouTube run down of 5 Best, Free and Safe To Email Clients For Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP:

Please share your thoughts on these free email clients for windows and Microsoft Outlook. Which one you settled down to use and why you like it? Feel free to let us know in comments, if you like to know any other best email client for windows not in the list.
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