WhatsApp for iPad: download and Install

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You have an iPad and want to download and install WhatsApp? If you want to install and use whatsapp on your iPad this tutorial will hopefully be useful to access WhatsApp Messenger on the iPad, allowing you to send and receive WhatsApp messages, pictures and videos.

Whatsapp is the messaging app of the recent tech era. WhatsApp which is now owned by Facebook is the world’s largest messaging service, it is so large in fact that all the world’s carriers combined send fewer messages per day compared to WhatsApp. So you can imagine that how significant WhatsApp is now. WhatsApp Messenger is an extremely popular app for the iPhone too. It allows you send messages to your friends, or to groups of friends, over Wi-Fi or 4G. It’s a service that’s used to communicate globally. Presently, WhatsApp has over millions of active users.

The distressing thing for apple user about whatsapp is that it is only available for iPhone. There's no official version of WhatsApp for the iPad. But don't despair it is possible to use it anyway. There are various ways to use WhatsApp on an iPad.

Let’s see how you can download whatsapp on iPad.

Whatsapp for iPad: download and Install

How to install WhatsApp for iPad

Step 1: Get the .ipa file

Before get started all we need is the install file of the app which uses the .ipa file format. We won’t directly get the file and allowed to install it on the iPad. For all this we’ll do things the old-fashioned way, and install it on our Mac. Open Finder, and go to your music folder – where this is located will depend on which OS you’re using.
You may be able to simply click Go in the top menu bar. Click home then iTunes, and either iTunes Media followed by Mobile Applications or just Mobile Applications. You’ll see all the .ipa files that you’ve downloaded. Scroll down to the WhatsApp file and drag it on to your desktop.

Open Finder> go to Home > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media >Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipa

Step 2: Download and Start iFunbox

Connect your iPad to your Mac. Besides iTunes we need other program too, to manage the files on iPad. The one we use is iFunbox which is available free on www.i-funbox.com. Download the latest version of iFunbox and start it up.

  • Open iFunbox and click on Install App.
  • You’d see the WhatsApp.ipa file here. Open it.
  • It will install the app on your iPad.

Now you can see the whatsapp icon on your ipad but if you open, it will not work. Then it needs to be fixed.

Step 3: Install WhatsApp on your iPhone

Now you need to install whatsapp on an iPhone in the normal way. It must be a fresh install, if you already had it you may need to delete it and reinstall. Start it up, and then register a phone number you wish to use with WhatsApp on your iPad. You’ll have to verify this with a code sent to the number you provide.

If you are done, connect your iphone to mac. Click in User Applications under the entry for the iPhone, double-click on the icon for WhatsApp, and then copy the Library and Documents folders on your desktop. This will contain the registration data.

Go to User Applications > WhatsApp > copy Library and Documents files to desktop

Step 4: Copying registration data

Now we have almost done. Unplug the iPhone, plug the iPad back in, and in iFunbox, click on User Applications under the iPad’s entry, and then WhatsApp. Now we replace the Library and Documents folders in here with those on the desktop, thereby copying the iPhone’s registration data on to the iPad.
Plug the iPhone out, and plug in your iPad.

Go to User Applications > WhatsApp > delete Document and Library folders > copy the files from desktop

Close WhatsApp on your iPad and start it up again to stop it saying that the device isn’t supported or working.
You will perfectly use the app if you carefully follow the steps. Hope it is will work for you if you are facing any difficulties.
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