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Gmail needs no introduction, it is owned by Google and considered as world most popular free email service provider. It is not only popular because it is under the umbrella of Google but due to the fact that it offers plenty of interesting features to the users. In late 90’s and earlier 2000, some big players like hotmail.com, aol.com and yahoo were dominating the email service. But in 2004 Google introduced Gmail. Since then gmail.com is the most preferred choice.

It is usually said that internet has revolutionized the way to communicate by introducing mailing / mail server, and Gmail has revolutionized, how communication over the internet is conducted. It has made communication much faster, better, reliable and easy to manage. Every day new and new features are added to Gmail in order to make it more easily accessible and user friendly. Over the last few years, Gmail interface has incorporated many other services and products such as Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google+, Google Buzz and our most visited, Youtube also.

I would like to say that to have Gmail account is no more a matter of choice now because you can’t operate your smart android phone without Gmail address. In terms of free memory, Gmail has upgraded itself like Initially it offered only 1 GB free memory per user, but later, it has been upgraded to 3-4 GB per user. At the moment Gmail offers 15 GB storage that is to be shared across different features such as Google Photos, Gmail.com and Google Drive. Storage can be of maximum 30GB, if you get your account through a school or office.

Sign up Gmail account

www.gmail.com is known as the best website to store and arrange all your emails. Information given below is about how to sign up for Gmail account and for those who already have created free email account at Gmail.

Create Gmail Account

Since Google’s basic objective to is to make Gmail the only source of sending and receiving emails, thus it makes sure that Gmail login has a very user friendly interface. It is very easy to sign up for Gmail. Below some basic steps to create Gmail account are being listed. Follow these steps and enjoy the most popular mailing service. Here we go:
Step 1 – Open browser and go to the website www.gmail.com
Step 2– You will find “create account” just below login form, click it. A new Sign up form with multiple fields will open.
Step 3 – You just need to enter First and Last name and enter username of your choice. Here Gmail will check whether the username that you have entered is available or already taken. If username is already taken, you need to enter something different. Once you select username of your choice, fill in all other details and click “Next” button at the bottom. It is important to be noted that username will never be changed.
Step 4- If everything you have entered is correct, you will be congratulated and taken to your inbox. That’s all. Now you have Gmail account.

Gmail Features

Google has been improving gmail.com continuously. We are experiencing lots of interesting features like free online cloud storage, tones of free themes to chose from and other custom services like Google webmaster tools and analytic for webmasters. Following are some interesting features of Gmail that I personally like:

Customizable Themes

Its really cool when you can decide, how your Gmail account should look like. Gmail gives you this opportunity and allows you to customize the overall appearance of your account. There is a wide range of Gmail themes, you can select from.


Gmail has tough competitors like Skype, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, so In order to compete with them, Gmail has come up with hangout application. It is basically video gathering program that allows you to add up to as many people in one conversation, as you want.

Switching between multiple accounts

You can add more than one account while using Gmail service. You don’t have to logout from one account in order to login into another as it provides multiple login facility at the same time.

More Security

More and more use of internet has led to increase in IP spoofing, hacking password and so on. It is just horrible when one come to know that his account has been hacked. Unlike other email accounts, Gmail takes security very seriously. There are different layers of security in order to make your data safe.

Undo sending

Gmail is the only mailing account that allows you to undo a sent mail within 30 seconds. Once you realize that you have sent a wrong mail, all you have to click on the undo option and your mail will not be sent.
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