Projector in iPhone for Executives and Business

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Apple the technology giant know well how to make news out of everything they produce. There seems a great buzz in the technology world every year before Apple launches its new iPhone model. Massive predictions emerge around the world, out of which some remains rumors and some get real. Apple has never been hesitant in bringing changes in new technology or taking the risk by testing the devices.

Apple has frequently proved that it is certainly the master of its class in the world of smartphones and technology. Apple introduced the touch screen into its first generation iPhone at the time when no one ever thought about it. This time also the convention carries on as the rumors regarding iPhone 7 features have been gradually leaking in the market.

In modern innovative world everything is possible and Apple is always on the mark. With the release of iPhone 7, Apple is definitely going to make a lot of people happy from different walks of life. This time Apple’s iPhone 7 is thought to come up with a built-in projector. Executives and business class will be excited with a rumored built-in Projector feature. The projector would also be used by the common public in multiple ways to have a bigger portrait of pictures and videos saved in their phones. The feature will be helpful to all the audiences, especially the ones who are involved in presentations a lot.

Projector in iPhone for Executives and Business

Now let’s see below, how this iPhone 7 built-in projector feature can be used by Apple fans and businessmen:

iPhone 7 for Executives and Businessmen

The iPhone 7 built-in projector is definitely not just a rumor. Apple is trying hard to install a projector in new iPhone which is going to release in the September of 2016. Apple’s new innovation in the form of a built-in iPhone projector is targeting a particular set of customers.

The built-in projector in iPhone 7 can greatly catch the attention of executives who are working in corporate world and the businessmen who deals with clients regularly for the presentation. iPhone 7 built-in projector can be an alternative option in case the project is not available at place of work. It will be a handy tool for them and all the files that they want to portray on bigger screen can be saved in the iPhone and can be projected on the bigger.

Apple has worked on this for a long time and according to rumors they were to introduce this technology in iPhone 6 and 6+, but that didn’t happen. This time after receiving suggestions from its users, Apple iPhone 7 may support the projector feature.

iPhone 7 built-in projector for other individuals

You might be wondering how can the iPhone 7 projector feature be utilized for more general purposes than just in the case of meetings and presentation. Well you can make use of the iPhone 7 projector to watch movies on the walls and even play games.
The projector is useful to many people in today’s life and thus this feature would attract number of audiences. With the projector feature one can watch pictures and videos stored on their phone on an even larger screen than that of their expected 4.7 inch display. The in-built projector will allow a user to do all the basic activities.

It cannot replace the original projector but it can indeed work as a substitute when needed. This in-built iPhone projector would prove out to be helping. The Apple lovers will in turn witness this latest launch as one of the best phones with the most outstanding features when the Apple iPhone 7 comes out.

After the success of the finger print scanner that was introduced in iPhone 5s onwards, along with built-in projector iPhone 7 is expected to include a facial recognition technology. Facial recognition has been bombarded with accuracy failure in the past, however the technology used in iPhone 7 has been tested to have 95 percent accuracy. There are also some rumors talking about the iPhone 7 waterproof feature.

Through these exciting new technologies, the keenness for iPhone 7 has now increased alot. So let’s see what the coming days add more to the rumor’s list. This all is going to be a great experience for the Apple fans. If this happens then integration of projector in iPhone is going to be a trend-setter in the world of smartphones.

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