Apple iPhone 8 Plus Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

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Every year new Apple gadget arrives in market. The latest operating system iOS 8 recently hit the market with new incredible features. At this moment it is early to talk about new rumored gadget iPhone. Apple has always arrived with some spectacular features which make the Apple iPhone Series very much popular and up to the Dream of People.

People get impressed by the specification of best devices of Apple iPhone; be it: iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. It is amazing to have a discussion on the coming iPhone 8 by the Apple. Though the price paid for the services is a bit high Apple has managed to keep the name and impressed the customers with awesome services.

Apple iPhone 7 is all put on fire in gossip; there is a lot time for the release of iPhone 8. Now come to the point and let`s talk about “Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price” that are speculated about the release of iPhone 8.
Apple iPhone 8 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

Here you can find all information that you want to have about Apple iPhone 8 Plus .

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Specs

Apple always comes up with something very unique and durable. Apple iPhone 8 Plus specifications and features are expected to be with awesome specs and with high-end features. Apple don’t concern about giving much but for giving the finest in the particulars. There are no words from the company representative about the Apple iPhone 8 Plus , so we can’t say anything certainly.

But we can predict features and specifications of the iPhone 8 Plus . Let’s talk about the iPhone on the basis of past year’s trend and the scope with which the company improves with every new iPhone in the series.

iPhone 8 Plus Display

The display size is increasing in iPhone series. So thinking logically the display is expected to be of 6-6.5 Inches in the Apple iPhone 8 . Instead of LCD display Apple is now concentrating on the OLED display, which proves to be a game changer move for the company.

iPhone 8 Plus Camera

The amazing feature by the iPhone 8 Plus is speculated to be its camera. Apple not at all compromises with the display as well as the Camera Quality. For both display and camera the iPhone 8 surely prove very incredible quality. The camera of Apple iPhone 8 Plus , as per the buzz is likely to be of 14 MP with a 4 MP front facing camera. That would be even wonderful for the selfies as well as the photographic albums.

Apple will certainly include some additional to the camera to make it more amazing and exciting. As per the expectations from the device the camera will be good but more is yet to be revealed here on this page in the near future.

iPhone 8 Plus Memory

Apple iPhone 8 is speculated to appear in special modification as per the prior launches. It will be 64 GB Variant or 128 GB Variant.

iPhone 8 Plus RAM

If we talk about the RAM of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus the device would be very powerful it would be 8 GB after being powered with 4 GB RAM.

iPhone 8 Plus Battery

Battery timings are one of few iPhone related problems that Apple can’t fix till yet. According to the rumors circulating on the web, iPhone 7 is going to be powered with Li-On battery of 2500 mAh powering the device for around 18 Hrs on use on 3G. So “iPhone 8” will for sure give the same of 18 Hrs of usage on 4G. We are eager that Apple will increase the battery power that is greatly required on the Apple speculated device.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Release date

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is yet to appear followed by we can expect the launch of Apple iPhone 8. There is a long time to wait for the launch of iPhone 8. iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in first quarter of 2016 whereas iPhone 8 is expected to arrive in fourth quarter of 2017. So stay updated for more about the release date of iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Price

Price of iPhone 7 is estimated to be around 1099 $ to 1499 $. So the Price of iPhone 8 would be slightly high. Apple iPhone 8 price would be approximately 1199 $ to 1599$.This price is pretty high and hard to afford but we can’t say anything officially about the price. We will have to wait for the company officials to say something about Apple iPhone 8.
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