Roku Streaming Stick vs Roku 3, Which streamer should you buy!

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Living room devices from Google , Amazon, and Apple are well known. But there are some other excellent streaming platforms that are now preferred by users. Roku is one among them. Although Roku products are not available directly within different countries, but it can be shipped from international vendors.

In contrast with other streaming device, Roku has far more apps i.e. more than 1200 apps. The product range includes all the important ones such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, Vudu, Showtime Anytime and many more. Roku isn't owned by one of the tech titans such as Google but it is sometimes actually an advantage for it since there's no incentive for Roku favor its own media services over others.

The thing that lies at the foundation of Roku success is its dead simple user interface. Due to its simplicity, it is becoming the first choice of users. In addition to simple user interface, Roku has another plus i.e. universal search option. With the help of this function, the device can comb through all the major services and find the content location which you want. You're settled on Roku, that’s great but you still need to figure out that which of the company's four mainstream streamers is right for you.

Roku Streaming Stick vs Roku 3, Which streamer should you buy!

Roku Streaming Stick vs Roku 3

Users face a hard time while choosing two devices of Roku streaming range i.e. Roku streaming stick and Roku 3. On the basis of user experience, Roku 3 is better than Roku streaming stick. A detailed comparison of both devices, you can find as following:


  • The Roku 3 is the flagship model and it's cost is between £80 to $100. It was released in March 2013. Speed of Roku 3 is the main advantage over all other Roku boxes and over streming stick as well.

  • It loads apps faster and zipping around menus feels effortless. Due to this, you are able to do a lot more like to use features like universal search.

  • The Roku 3 maintains its zippiness very well with the latest versions of the Netflix and YouTube apps. This fact makes Roku 3 superior to Roku stream stick because the Roku streamers slow down to a crawl while zipping.

Built-in Headphone Jack

  • The remote of Roku3 includes a built-in headphone jack, that is another big plus about it. By having this feature, you listen to whatever's streaming without disturbing anyone else in the room. Almost all of us knows that how useful is it. It is simply perfect for late night listening sessions.

  •  The only other Roku box with this features is the Roku 2, but it lacks the speed and other extras of the Roku 3.In this way, only Roku 3 rocks.

Other Fun Features of Roku3

  • There are many other features of Roku 3. Although they are not essential but nice. For example, USB port, which you can used for playing back music, videos and photos from an attached drive.

  • The SD card slot is also there which can be used to install more apps in case of runing out of internal memory. Although it’s very rare that you need extra space.

  • The neat remote has other exciting features like motion control and gaming capabilities.

  • There is also an Ethernet port, if the dual-band wireless isn't reliable enough for you.


  • The biggest downside of Roku 3 when comparing with other Roku boxes is its cost. Streaming Stick offers many benefits of the Roku platform at half the price. But in my personal opinion, it would be wise to pay the extra for the Roku 3's bells-and-whistles. Roku 3 offers the highest speed which is the most essential part of any steaming device.

  • The best reason to go with the Streaming Stick is its size as well as the price, i.e. $50. But the big catch is, that the Stick can be surprisingly slow to boot up Netflix and YouTube, especially compared to the speedy Roku 3.

  • Streaming stick is sometimes more catchy for customer because it manages to squeeze the entire Roku experience into a compact device and that device lives behind your TV. You need only an HDMI port with your TV and that’s it.

  • There are some other drawbacks of streaming stick. The remote's reliance on Wi-Fi Direct means it won't work well with traditional, IR-based remotes, like the Harmony 650.

  • In addition to this, if you use your TV's USB port for power, the Streaming Stick will need to completely boot-up each time when you will turn your TV on. This means that you have to wait because it takes a while.

  • It can be concluded that only for $35, you're getting a ton of value in the form of Roku3.
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