iPod7: iPod touch 7th Generation Release Date, Price, Specs

iPod touch 7th Generation Release Date, its Price, Features, Specs like display screen, processor, camera, connectivity, battery life, iOS, Siri and new iPod touch colors

Technology has really improved due to new innovations that are done every day. In these days, people need more time to relax and have a recreation that will benefit them hence making them to avoid a lot of pressure while working. In addition, when iPod was introduced into the market, everybody wanted to have the device since it stores a lot of music and interesting videos.

Apple has really strategized in their marketing industry in which it has made consumers to buy new iPod yearly. Apple always leave a slight difference between an iPad, iPhone and iPod. For instance, an iPod is an electronic device that is used to store music and listening too. iPhone can be described as an android Smartphone that is compatible with a specific card while an iPod is a type of tablet.

In this technological era, everybody wants to be more developed hence wanting to know more information about new and upcoming android devices in the market. Every individual is always eager to know the release date, specification and price of either a upcoming smartphones or gadgets and iPods are no exception to it.

This article analyses the strongest possible release date of iPod touch 7th generation, its specs and price.

iPod7: iPod touch 7th Generation Release Date, Price, Specs

iPod touch 7th Generation Release Date, Price, Specs

People are really waiting for the new release of iPod touch 7 next year since they always come with new and high quality specifications. There have been rumors’ that this will be the biggest release of Apple Limited. Their main target is to make IPod the best music device of the year. The following are the main specifications for iPod touch 7G:

iPod touch 7th Generation Release Date

It has been noted that iPod touch 7th generation release date will be in the mid (July-September) 2017. The new iPod touch 7G release is expected to be the biggest iPod launch that apple has ever done. In addition, due to the kind of iPod touch 7G Specs and Features the next device will be having, it is expected to be the best selling portable media device so far. Please find below the more details on upcoming iPod touch 7th generation specs and features.

iPod touch 7G Specs and Features

Apple itouch 7 is going to have the best specs, features, high quality display, better performance and enhanced camera on board. Let's go through the iPod touch 7G specs and features rumored and reported so far:
  1. Colors
    The new iPod 7 is expected to come with 6 more colors beside white, silver, gray, black, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and gold.

  2. Design
    The new iPod touch 7G is expected to have aluminum build with 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in) dimensions and 115g weight.

  3. Waterproof
    There have been rumors that the new iPod 7 touch will be able to support both waterproof and dust proof features.

  4. Display
    Apart from its dimension, iPod 7 touch has the best visual display and pocket friendly too. Apple iPod touch 7 has a retina display in which the user can be able to multitask. The iPod 7th generation has identical dimensions to iPhone 6S with LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and 4.7 inches at 750 x 1334 pixels (326 ppi) resolution.

  5. Camera
    iPod touch 5G and 6G are known to be the MP3 player with cameras, but iPod touch 7 camera is going to be 12MP with 4608 x 2592 pixels with 4K videos recordings. The front camera is expected to got 2MP from 1.2MP. Besides, the camera supports a burst mode whereby users can take a lot of photos. If you like to take selfies, iPod touch 7 is the best device for you since it has a big sensor for best selfies video calls.
  6. Processor
    The inside of the iPod touch 7 is also different since the A8 chip is going to be replaced with an Apple A9 Dual-core 1.8 Ghz processor supported by 2GB RAM making it to have more speed. Due to the A9 chip upgrade apple iPod touch 7 gen will be seven times faster than other iPod touch 6th gen. Besides, the iPod graphics are also 12 times faster than usual. The new graphic processor that is installed on the iPod facilitates a set of different framework that was developed by apple to helps developers writing codes to take advantage of the enhanced hardware.

  7. Storage
    The iPod 7 is going to have same storage capacity of 32GB base model to 64 GB and 128GB models.

  8. Battery
    Compared to 1030 mAh battery pack in iPod 6 the new iPod touch 7 generation has a high quality 1715 mAh Li-Po non-removable battery that can last up to 40 hours without charging.

  9. Connectivity
    The new iPod 7 also supports wireless technology and Bluetooth 4.1 specifications.The iPod touch 7G supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.

  10. Software
    The inside reports reveals that Apple plans to run iPod touch 7th generation on iOS 9.

iPod touch 7th Generation Price

The high quality new iPod touch 7th generation price is expected to be $200 for 16GB base version. iPod touch 7 32GB model price will be $250 and the 128GB iPod touch model introduced with iPod touch 6th generation for $400 USD. Even though there are rumors that the iPod7 price will be slightly higher unlike previous devices but we are sure it will worth it. Looking at the brand value, usibility, innovation and quality of to be released iPod touch 7th generation, $50 extra won't be too much for the fans.
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Abdi Yabarow said...

Mobile-friendly - 15 Jul 2015 - I can see Apple launching the iPod touch 7th generation in the ... 7th Gen Touch on the day of the 6th Gen Touch's release. ... glad to see them still offering an up- to-date media player.

Marcelo Lynch said...

I think an updated iPod touch is more essential than the new iPhone 7 release because an iPod touch is a multi purpose device like the iPhone but without a cellular plan plus it attracts younger crowds so if they put specs into it that surpass the iPhone 7s specs the younger crowds that pay more attention to specs would be fascinated and want to buy it. They would be fascinated because they are like me and and have so much pressure pent up waiting for a new iPod touch and that covers the children's part of there sales as long as they advertise those latest specs with gaming and socializing/ contacting there friends. But the iPod touch can be used for so much more like for engineering if they advertise and make use for it or anything work related. It can attract photographers if they make good cameras in it and all kinds of other uses. I didn't put all of my thoughts about this in here but if you agree with my reasoning please contact me

Mike Griffin said...

It should have 3d touch

Unknown said...

I am going to buy a iPod 4 this year I am not that rich I did have 300$ but I did not think about a iPod so I spent it on other stuff but next year I'll get a iPod 5 or maybe even 6

Samavia Malik said...


Paul Thompson said...

But will there ever be an ipod touch 7? I think not.

gerardo calderon said...

how accurate is this? because ipod 6 took a long time to come out...will it be the same for the ipod7??

Unknown said...

im gona got ipod 7 touch

Anonymous said...


Chuckers said...

I am looking at the IPod Touch for VR use. I have an android phone, but don't use it much with the VR headset due to having to take the phone out of its case. With an IPod Touch I can have an affordable (compared to a new smart phone) device for VR and access ITunes VR apps.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#pizzagate is real

Anonymous said...

i dont think the ipod 7g is gonna come out

Justin Howell said...

Lol why are there even Drunken Peasants fans in this comment section? That's the most random thing ever? Are you guys just spamming this shit all over the internet?

Anyway #Poopballs #GlandersonBooper #BanTJ

Unknown said...

You mentioned it will have the storage capacity of 32GB base model, 64GB, and 128GB under #7 Storage info. But then at the end of the article when breaking down the prices you said 16GB base model, 32GB, and 128GB. So I was hoping you could clarify - which is it? Thanks.

Brett Glynn said...

I am wanting a iPod mainly for a higher storage capacity... I would love a 160gb+ version.. so I get rid of my iPod Classic... I love my classic for its huge storage!.. I think this issue should be the #1 priority. No one is really caring for the colours..just better specs and higher storage capacity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is probably coming out in wwdc 2017 (9-12 of june) and ios 11 will be released there so...it is going to run on ios 11 and if its waterproof it will have to have the iphone 7 home button because that's what makes the iphone 7 waterproof

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the new I pod because I still have an old one 80gb video one just waiting for the new one to come out

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the iPod 7. Just hope it would come out sooner!I wonder about all the colours, I think that i'll stick with gold, even though it's not a new colour.

Marlene Saffan said...

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Anonymous said...

how old is this like seriously?????????

Anonymous said...

I won't get an ipod touch until it offers GPS. I use running as that function with GPS.

Anonymous said...

Currently own a 5th gen iTouch and have been waiting patiently for the 7th gen since I prefer to skip generations before dishing out for a new one. This is an incredibly useful computing tool thanks to the plethora of apps available, and I have no need or desire for an iPhone. As for 7th gen features am hoping for (other than the expected hardware upgrades), am hoping Apple KEEPS the earpiece/mic jack! GPS would be nice but am doubtful about that. Dual rear-facing cameras like on a high-end iphone would be very nice too, but certainly don't expect to see that any time soon. A slightly larger screen would definitely be welcomed! I personally couldn't care less about touch ID or facial recognition.
My suspicion it that Apple has been delaying release of the 7th gen due to sluggish sales of the 6th gen, and too many still sitting on store shelves. As soon as the 7th gen is released I will be in the nearest BestBuy the very next day to purchase one. C'mon Apple, stop monkeying around, I need my new iPod Touch!

Mohan Brij said...

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Anonymous said...

It’s December 1 2017 and still no 7th generation. Oooo Weeee, What up with that? What’s up with that?

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