View Pokemon X and Y trailer and Release Dates for 3DS in 2013 for, just announced by Nintendo.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, two brand new 3D installments in the famous Pokemon game series are going to release on the Nintendo 3DS console in October 2013 internationally. Pokemon X and Y are the first ever 3D episodes in the Pokemon game series, making best use of the Nintendo 3DS features.

A short Pokemon X and Y trailer video was released today, in a Direct broadcast by Nintendo, the game trailer also features three new starter Pokemon, new colorful 3D environments and some old favorite monsters now in 3D.

Pokemon new titles for the Nintendo 3DS are also the first games not to be named after colors or gemstones. Hope you remember the Pokemon Emerald :-)
Pokemon X and Y 3DS Release Dates and Trailer 2013
Pokemon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara has said that:
The worldwide launch of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October allows players to begin their adventures at the same time. Now, Pokemon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokémon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately.
While, Junichi Masuda, the Pokemon series Director said:
We brought Pokemon into an entirely new dimension and we’re incredibly excited to bring Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to fans. The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world.

Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie: New Pokemon Starters

After 15 years, Pokemon game getting 3D touch, has been a feast full of exciting for every Pokemon fans that the. Here under are the three new Pokemon characters that are coming to the new Pokemon X and Y:
  • fire-type foxy Fennekin
  • water-type frog-thing Froakie
  • grass-type chipmunk-with-a-hat Chespin
The most interesting one looks to be Fennekin, who resembles a baby Vulpix. Although, Froakie looks to be a pretty cool frog type Pokemon. What do you think?

Pokemon X and Y Trailer Video

New Pokemon X and Y Trailer Video show how the game will mark in the the next generation of Pokemon with complete 3D graphics and retouched visuals. Have a look at the announcement trailer video here under shared and enjoy:

You can also check out IGN commentary on the new Pokemon X and Y here under:
Have a look at the announcement trailer video here under shared and enjoy:

Pokemon X and Y Release Dates

Pokemon X and Y Release Dates are announced by Iwata to be in October 2013 worldwide including US, UK, Japan and Australia. Specific Pokemon Release Dates dates for the new games are yet to be announced officially.

Pokemon X and Y new starter

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