Prometheus: new trailers, Release Date of 2012 Alien Sci-Fi Movie

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Prometheus new trailers and Release Date of 2012 Alien Sci-Fi Movie

The Prometheus theatrical trailer is now online. The new Prometheus trailer of the 2012 Alien Sci-Fi Movie is packed with marvelous visual effects and 3D sound effects to be a stylistic treat, since it's Scott and all, but this trailer gives us a superior idea of the film's definite story.

The story is still plenty strange, but this trailer lays out the necessary idea that Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall - Green are scientists who put together that life on Earth may have been started by an smart species that conveniently left clues to its point of origin . The ostensible spacecraft sets out to that point of origin, and the untoward souls aboard discover incredible indescribably horrifying.

Prometheus Viral Video of 2012 Alien Sci-Fi Movie

I like the new IMAX trailer that was evidently unlocked early this morning by whoever's out here playing the viral game . This is a taste of what they're going to release later tonight, and a taste of what they're showing to people at Wondercon today . I think it's secure to say based on this new trailer that Ridley Scott is intentionally working the horror side of the street with this one . In fact, I've heard " Prometheus " compared to one of the enormous horror films of the previous 35 years, and it wasn't anything from the " Alien " series . The comparison has me rethinking the movie and what I expect from it, but it also has me very excited. A lot of people are talking about it on Twitter and Facebook that its a prequel.

Prometheus iMax trailer hints as Alien Prequel Movie

Here's the thing … that's a prequel . I don't really like that word, since I think anything ended after the primary film is a sequel, no matter when it's set sequentially . You're unmoving building on preceding storytelling, whether you go backward or forward in time . It's a silly distinction . Still, if you want to use the word " prequel ," then I would absolutely say that " Prometheus " is one . It is set in the equal world, it concerns impressive which plays a key role in " Strange ," and it's even from the equal filmmaker . Just because we don't see the Nostromo or Ripley, that means nothing . Xenomorphs that look exactly like the movie monster we've seen now in six extra movies do not define whether or not this is fixed thematically and chronologically to " Strange ." Here is much additional to the world of those movies than just one character or just one creature . I think it is a game of truly stupid semantics to go so far out of your way to recreate a world and tie things together visually and thematically and then tap - dance around the word " prequel ." You see the Space Jockeys in that trailer ? Yeah …. that's the world of " Strange ." That's a prequel.

And if the rumors I'm hearing are accurate, it's a prequel to a prequel, because work has already started on the follow - up to " Prometheus ," and present are things being calculated and built that will break your brain when you see them . Yes, " Prometheus " has to do fine internationally before Fox officially says, " Go make the subsequent one ," but I think there's a attractive brawny chance that's going to happen . Besides, if it doesn't, this film's ending is going to drive fandom completely insane.

Prometheus new trailer of the Movie

Here's the big trailer, and again ... how anyone can look at this and unmoving wonder if the films are directly connected or not is beyond me:

Prometheus Release Date for the 2012 Alien Sci-Fi Movie

Best guess for Prometheus Release Date is June 8, 2012 as mentioned on at least 7 websites including Wikipedia, IMDB and HollywoodReporter.

Prometheus was originally scheduled to be released on March 9, 2012, in the United States, but in January 2011, the date was pushed back to June 8, 2012. The film will be simultaneously released in IMAX theaters in 3D.
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