Kepler-22b:Earth like new Planet found at 600 Light Years Distance

Kepler-22b:Earth like new Planet found at 600 Light Years Distance

Kepler-22b is the new Planet found at around 600 Light Years Distance from The Earth, expected to hold Earth Like habitable environment for life. Kepler-22b has several Earth like characteristics with 72 degrees Fahrenheit, Radius 2.4 times of Earth. The planet completely orbits its star (similar to our sun) in 290 days. However NASA is unsure about the composition, soil, rocks, gases and liquids that make composition of Kepler-22b.

Kepler22b, discovered by NASA Kepler Mission, is generating exciting headlines now days all across the world as a new Planet found to be suitable for human life with the weather as pleasant as 70 degree, according to available scientific data.

NASA Video of "Kepler-22b" The Earth like new Planet

Scientists suggests that this is the first planet in habitable zone. This means that the new planet Kepler22b may have everything that may ensure the presence of water and other necessary resources to support complex live.

But problem, no currently available technology can transport us 600 Light Years to Kepler22b the new planet found, even if a newborn travels throughout the lifespan.

Light Year is a standard unit to measure the distance in the space (approximately 10 Trillion Kilometers/ 6 Trillion Miles). According to scientific calculations, the best Spaceships available at NASA at the moment, requires 1200 Years to cover the distance of One Light Year.

NASA Kepler Mission which discovered "Kepler-22b" The new Planet

NASA Kepler Mission has detected more than 1200 planets. Kepler has very powerful telescopes and other scientific instruments. Kepler uses a specialized one-meter diameter telescope called a photometer to measure the small changes in brightness caused by the transits. Kepler has the capacity to continuously view and analyze an amount of sky far greater than NASA Hubble Space Telescope.
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