Volkswagen Beetle 2012 - VW New Model Price, Specs and Reviews

FBI banned Online Poker Website FullTilt Poker PokerStars Absolute PokerVolkswagen (VW) unveiled latest update of their famous Beetle. Focusing originality, Volkswagen Beetle 2012 edition boasts longer and wider design aesthetics, with four seats and reclining back to accommodate additional storage.

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle made its public debut this week at the Shanghai Motor Show and the New York Auto Show.

Volkswagen Beetle 2012 design of the 21st century is developed by Volkswagen Design Team lead by Marc Lichte and under direct supervision by Walter De Silva (Volkswagen Group) and Klaus Bischoff (Brand Volkswagen). There will be three trim options in the UK – Beetle, Design and Sport. Keyless Access, sunroof, satellite navigation, Bi-Xenon lamps and LEDs are lit throughout the day into the new features for the Volkswagen Beetle.
The new Volkswagen Beetle breaks free of the geometry of the previous model and displays impressive sports appeal – primarily in its extended bonnet, sharply swept-back windscreen and a longer wheelbase. Modified interior ergonomics have produced an agile, driver-oriented coupé experience in the new VW Beetle. In addition, the new Volkswagen Beetle offers a distinctly improved feeling of space with its longer roof section.

No previous Beetle was this fuel efficient. High performance no longer suffices by itself: At 4.3* l/100 km (European 1.6 TDI) and 33* mpg (American 2.0 TDI), the new Volkswagen Beetle is the most fuel-efficient Beetle ever.

European buyers will have the choice of four engines ranging from an efficient 1.2-liter gasoline engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged model and a 1.6-liter turbo diesel version. Official options for the U.S. have yet to be confirmed.

While the 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine delivers around 105 horsepower and 65.7 mpg (EU scale) as a result of an intelligent battery regeneration system, the captivative 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine goes on to utilize around 200 horsepower.

Volkswagen Beetle trunk has a volume of 310 liters. Baggage Volkswagen Beetle 1998 only has a capacity of 209 liters. Inside the cabin, the designers of the Volkswagen Beetle, created the appearance of modern, practical and unique with the controls that are easy to identify and ergonomic. Certain features, such as the glovebox and color accent panels reminiscent of the original Volkswagen Beetle.

In the UK Volkswagen Beetle will be available three petrol engine options: 1.2-liter TSI 105 PS, 1.4-liter TSI 160 PS and 2.0-liter TSI 200 PS. For diesel engines there’s only one choice of 1.6-liter 105 PS with BlueMotion technology. As VW’s fuel-saving system to immerse Stop / Start and battery regeneration system in the Volkswagen Beetle 1.6-liter 105 PS so that the fuel consumption of 65.7 mpg and CO2 emissions of 112 g / km.

The new Volkswagen Beetle is 1,808 mm wide (84 mm wider), 1,486 mm tall (12 mm lower) and 4,278 mm long (152 mm longer). This has resulted in entirely new proportions. The gain in length meant that the roof could be extended further, the front windscreen could be shifted back, and the rear section could follow the contour of the original Beetle. The new focal point is the C-pillar. In parallel, the development team increased the car’s track widths and wheelbase. All of this gives the new VW Beetle a powerful appearance with muscular tension.

The new Volkswagen Beetle has an extra glovebox integrated in the front facia whose lid folds upward (the standard glovebox that is also integrated opens downward). Another classic feature: the optional auxiliary instruments above the selected audio/navigation system: oil temperature, clock with stopwatch function and boost pressure gauge. Also new: the steering wheels specially designed for the Volkswagen Beetle with optional painted accents in the spokes depending on the equipment line. Details like these clearly indicate that the occupants are in a Beetle.

A distinguishing feature of the new Volkswagen Beetle is that its interior ergonomics and packaging are based on completely new parameters. While drivers in the air-cooled Beetle travelled in a very low-slung seat, and drivers of the New Volkswagen Beetle felt as if they were chauffeured because the bonnet was so far forward, the latest Beetle now offers an agile, driver-oriented coupé experience.

The new Volkswagen Beetle will enter the North American market on September/October 2011 and European market on October/November 2011 with a base priced range starting from $19,440 to $28,140 MSRP.

The Original Volkswagen Beetle was launched in 1938 for the first time. It was called simply ‘Volkswagen’. But the lovers of the world’s gave many names for him. Whatever its name, as long as 73 years old Volkswagen Beetle population exceeds 21.5 million units.
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