LG Optimus Features Mobile Phone to YouTube 3D Video

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LG Optimus Features Mobile Phone to YouTube 3D VideoiTechWhiz (Feb 15, 2011) - YouTube was working with LG Electronics to make it easier for users to capture 3D images and video on mobile devices and upload directly to the Internet with LG's new Optimus 3D smartphone. Now LG and YouTube have announced an agreement to provide YouTube services on some new LG mobile handsets. LG will apply a new YouTube interface to its phones allowing users to view and share videos with ease.

In March this year, LG began shipping some phones with other Google services including search, mail and maps. The LG Optimus 3D is LGs new flagship, which can both capture 3D video and play it back on its screen glasses-free. 3D content is sparse right now and LG has now cut a deal with YouTube, which will allow users to watch 3D YouTube videos on the phone and also upload and share the videos captured by the Optimus 3D stereoscopic cameras. The LG Optimus 3D can shoot stereoscopic 3D (S3D) photos and S3D 72p videos, which you can view on the 4.3" glasses-free 3D display. The phone will be announced today at the MWC and it will be the first to support YouTube 3D.

The Optimus 3D, which uses Google's Android mobile operating system, features a dual-lens camera for 3D image and video capture. That video can be directly uploaded to YouTube via a dedicated YouTube 3D video application, said Nanako Kato, an LG spokeswoman.

The Optimus 3D's 4.3-inch touchscreen also lets users view 3D images and video without using glasses.

"The new partnership is part of a broader push into 3D entertainment by LG and the world's largest online video community," the companies said in a joint statement. "YouTube and LG collaborated to enable the delivery and sharing of 3D video onto mobile devices in a way that makes it simple and easy for consumers."

YouTube started providing a place for 3D video in July 2009 at the YouTube 3D Gallery, and even sells special 3D glasses on the site.

The partnership with LG takes 3D video mobile by making it readily uploadable and easy to share.

LG armed the Optimus 3D with a 1GHz OMAP4 dual-core processor from Texas Instruments, dual-channel memory to ensure users have enough power to work on 3D video on the handset. People can share 3D videos and pictures via a host of wireless and wired connectors, including HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). It is also DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) networking certified.

The glasses-free 3D screen on the Optimus 3D was made with an applied parallax barrier technology, which puts a series of slits on the front of the LCD screen that block light in a way that ensures a user's left and right eye see different images, thereby creating the illusion of depth for the 3D image.

LG's Optimus Pad tablet also has a built-in 3D camera, but its 8.9-inch touchscreen is not made for glasses-free 3D viewing. Images and video taken with the 3D camera can be viewed on 3D TVs or shared on the Web via YouTube 3D, LG said.
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