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Search Engine are the no doubt the face of World Wide Web. There are a number of search engines available all with single purpose of searching information on the Internet.

A website that is not listed in any search engine is not likely to get any good number of visitors. Infact 90 percent of a website visitors that land there, searching information through search engines, making them largest source of Web traffic. A website estimated worth and revenue earning highly depends upon the quantity and quality of its web traffic. So improving a website search engine presence is directly proportional to increasing its web traffic and consequently its business turn over.

Deploying a wonderful website or creating a nice new blog is not good enough to be a success. It is possible that an apparently stupid looking website might be enjoying thousands of Daily Hits, while a really good website might be a lonely planet. The key is how good a website Search Engine Optimization and maintain a good Search Engine Ranking is. A website Search Engine Ranking is determined through complex algorithms and depends upon many factors. Various Search Engines work on different algorithms to analyze the contents and keywords, and present the search results. Google, for instance, assigns Page Ranks to the sites and sites that rank highly will appear early in the results. Of course, many other factors are considered by search engines, such as relevance, unique content, coding and quality of links.

Unlucky a website or blog is not automatically indexed by a search engine unless its discovers the website link on another website already indexed. However it might be possible that it never gets indexed or even if search engine discovers it no one know how long exactly it will take. So, there comes the need of explicit submission of a new website of blog into search engines to make them aware of your website presence and to make them index your website into their database and include your contents into their search results.

But before you go for Search Engine Submission, you need to place and well optimized Title, Description and Keyword Meta Tags of your website of blog. Make sure your place a good list of comma separated keywords matching your website contents as closely as possible. You can use key phrase and long tail keywords like 'Buy best Laptops deals' or 'how to download iPhone applications'. Another good tip or trick to get more traffic is to include your best keywords in the title and description meta tags. Once you are done with internal Search Engine Optimization let move to the Search Engine Submission.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Submission and Maintaining High Page Rank all are aimed at increasing the volume and improving the quality and quantity of Website Traffic. Make a text file containing your website address, feeds, title, keywords, description and an email address used for the submission. The email must not be your primary email address because free submission service are going to bug you with their promotional emails. At the same the email must be accessible since many of them will require you to confirm your submission requests in one or two phases. You may submit your site URL to these search engines for Free. If you lack the time, submit your site to the top few leading search engines at least:

There are many sites on the internet offering Professional Paid Website Submission Service with varying number of search engines list upto more than a hundred, and Guaranteed High Traffic turn over claims. Some of them offer even free limited trails. If it necessary to have your website listed in all the smaller search engines, while Google, Yahoo and Bing already covering 90% of the Search Engine Market, you may check free trail of these services and monitor the traffic:

Best of luck to your new website!
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