Evolution of Switching and Cisco

1969: ARPANET, precursor to the Internet, is born.
1972: Ray Tomlinson of BBN creates the first software for email transmissions.
1973: Robert Metcalfe, as part of his Harvard Ph.D. thesis, writes a 13-page description of what will become Ethernet.
1974: Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn publish “A Protocol for Packet Network Internetworking.” It’s the first time the term 'Internet' is used.
1977: Invention of the PC (Apple II in 1977, IBM PC in 1981).
1978: Vint Cerf, Danny Cohen, and Steve Crocker create a plan to separate TCP’s routing functions into a separate protocol called the Internet Protocol (IP).
1982: The first PC LAN is demonstrated at the National Computer Conference by Drew Major, Kyle Powell, and Dale Neibaur.
1984: Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, computer scientists from Stanford University, founded Cisco Systems. They invented the multi-protocol router.
1986: First commercial multi-protocol network router was introduced, the AGS.
1990: ARPANET is decommissioned, leaving behind a vast network of networks called the Internet.
1991: The National Science Foundation lifts restrictions on the commercial use of the NSFNET
backbone, clearing way for electronic commerce.
1993: Mosaic, the first graphics-based Web browser, becomes available. Traffic on Internet expands at a 341,634 percent growth rate. Cisco introduces the high-end 7000 router and makes its first acquisition, Crescendo Communications, which represents its entry into switching.
1994: Cisco ships its first Ethernet and ATM switches. Cisco acquires Kalpana, Inc., introducing
Innovation in LAN switching technology. Pizza Hut begins taking orders over the Internet.
1995: Cisco names John Chambers CEO, and ships Catalyst 5000 switch. Cisco acquires Grand Junction Networks, inventors of Fast Ethernet (100BaseT) technology, a standard in today’s corporate networks.
1996: Telecommunications Reform Act is passed. Cisco releases the AS5200 for dial up modem access to the Internet. Cisco acquires Granite Systems for Gigabit Ethernet Switching and Stratacom Networks, a WAN Switching innovator.
1997: Cisco sells the one millionth 2500 series router. Cisco introduces Gigabit Ethernet and Layer 3 routing in switches. The Internet2 national research project is launched.
1998: Cisco delivers first data-over-cable system interface specification (DOCSIS) for cable modems. Cisco also starts deploying its AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video & Integrated Data)
Cisco introduces QoS (Quality-of-Service) to LAN Switches.
1999: Cisco earns key patents for voice-over-IP communications. The Cisco 1600 becomes the fastest selling router in company history. Cisco introduces the Catalyst 4000 and Catalyst 6000 series of modular Gigabit Chassis Switches.
2000: IP v6 debuts. Cisco introduces industry’s first IP telephony services integration into chassis
switch. Introduces Catalyst 4006 and brings in-line power to the mid-market.
2001: Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) standard introduced. Cisco introduces industry’s first
10GbE interface in LAN switch, Catalyst 6500, and the Catalyst 3550 layer 3 switch.
2002: Cisco introduces Catalyst 4500 series switches, bringing resiliency & control to the mid-market. Cisco ships one millionth 10/100/1000 port.
2003: Cisco introduces the Catalyst 3750 and third generation switching functionality for its Catalyst 6500, extending platform performance to 720Gbps and 400Mpps.
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