MacBook Pro 2013 features Retina Display, OS X Mavericks and Haswel

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The new MacBook Pro 2013 release date is October 25, just three days following the Apple Event scheduled for Oct 22.

Apple's new MacBook Pro 2013 features Retina Display, OS X Mavericks and Haswel processor, longer battery life, 802.11AC Gigabit Wi-Fi and new PCI-e based flash storage.

Earlier, Apple has officially announced new iMac PC this week that features the latest Haswell processors from Intel, new GPU, wifi receivers and faster storage options.

The low end MacBook Pro is expected to feature an Iris Pro GPU and the high end Apple laptop will pack a more powerful NVIDIA GeForce 700. The Mac Book Pro 2013 specification will also include faster storage options upto 1TB.

This new MacBook Pro 13 runs Apple Mac OS X Mavericks that will include multiple-monitor support, power-user features in Finder, a faster Safari, Maps and iBooks apps, and a redesigned Calendar application.

MacBook Pro 2013 features Retina Display, OS X Mavericks and Haswel

Most analysts believe that Apple will use the same formula it used last year for its new MacBook Pro line-up; that means there will be Retina Display and non-Retina Display builds.

The portable Macs are expected to be available in the regular 13 and 15-inch versions, and buys should be able to select from Retina and non-Retina models – with the Retina of course fetching a higher price tag.

Apple will release the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro with a stronger 2-megapixel FaceTime camera that can shoot 1080p HD, which would be a significant improvement over the computer's current 720p cameras.

MacBook Pro Release Date 2013

The new Haswell powered MacBook Pro line-up is one of the most eagerly anticipated among Apple's products this year, and many have been waiting months for news of upgraded MacBook Pro's release.

According to Apple Insider, the new Mac notebooks will be available on store shelves on Oct. 25 – or even as early as Oct. 24, as Apple rushes to get its new product out to consumers.

Apple iPad 5 2013 and iPad Mini 2013 are also expected to come out on October 22 Event.
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