iPad Mini Release Date 2012, Price and Features

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Looking for the correct information about Apple iPad mini Release Date, Price and Features? Here we have for you.

Although Apple hasn’t launched the all new iPad Mini as yet, but with emerging, details are predicting that this new product will be highly successful. New iPad mini Release Date is expected to be in September - October 2012.

Apple at some special media event will discuss the product’s focus and tell the world why Apple believes that its competitor Google Nexus 7 tablet might be the product worth hard-earned money. This is something said by Apple. According to the company’s focus, Apple will be focusing in delivering the best products to the consumers.

iPad Mini Release Date, Price and Features
According to some latest reports, the iPad Mini will lack a few features that the company included in the new higher-end iPad.

iPad Mini Release Date 2012 USA

A dual announcement of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini Launch at an Apple event on September 12 is expected, with a new iPhone 5 Release Date of September 21, 2012 at Apple stores in US.

New iPad Mini Release Date will lag behind due to production delays. But due to business strategically reasons and pressure from competitors like Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Microsoft Surface Tablets, Apple could not hold it long enough beyond October.

Therefore, an iPad Mini Launch is very likely to see in either on Friday, October 5 or Friday October 26 of 2012, with more chance on the former.

New iPad Mini Price in USA

The chief competitors of iPad Mini like Nexus 7 are available from starting price of $199. Keep this scenario in consideration; Apple needs to keep the new iPad Mini Price lower to compete those products in the market.

The newest iPad with Retina Display and 4G LTE is with selling at $499. The iPad 3 sells for $399. It’s difficult to say that the iPad Mini will hit $199. However, it is estimated that the Apple's new iPad Mini Price will cost around $249-$299, and may or may not have Retina Display.

Apple iPad Mini Features and Specs

All this predictions about the coming iPad Mini are based on some trustworthy rumors. Apple itself will surely not give away the details of the device before its launch. The company even has not confirmed the existence of this product. However, even the company cannot hide the product from the prying eyes of the world. We can expect to see the following Apple iPad mini features:

7.85-inch Display Screen
According to some latest rumors, the iPad Mini will have a display screen of 7.85 inch. Comparatively, the latest iPad has a screen size of 9.7 inch. However, in case of 7.85 inch screen, the iPad Mini will be a little bit larger as compared to Nexus 7 which has a 7 inch screen.

Dual Cameras
There’s a high possibility that the new iPad Mini will be equipped with two cameras as according to Apple FaceTime is future for video-communication. The rear camera will allow the users to snap pictures and the front camera will provide video-communication features.

8GB Onboard Storage
The main problem with thin, small, inexpensive tablets is storage issue. As the latest iPad starts from 16GB onboard storage, we can expect to get the iPad Mini with 8GB starting onboard storage.

Lacking Retina Display
The presence of retina display will be great to appear in the new iPad Mini, but the chances of this feature are quite low. Apple with this new product is on the trail to make it less expensive and to achieve this surely they have to drop some of the features. Retina display may be among such dropped features.

iOS 6
Apple is launching its iOS 6 platform this fall, so it’s highly probable that it will appear in the new Apple iPad Mini. The company will definitely focus on equipping its products with the latest available software. So, the consumers can expect the new iPad Mini to come with iOS 6.

New Dock connector
According to some rumors, Apple is working to craft a new Dock connector which will be much smaller as compared to the current option. Rumors reveal that the iPad Mini will come with a new 9-pin Dock connector. This new feature will be a notable improvement.

Amazingly Thin Design
Among the key features of this new professed product will be its thin design. Apple will come up with an amazingly thin design to set its brand apart from the competitors. The latest iPad is quite thin but surely the coming iPad Mini will be much thinner than the predecessors.

Similar iPad Look
Looking the surfaced iPad Mini cases, it can be judged that the company is not planning too much liberty with design. iPad Mini will have a touch screen, a home button and a space for rear camera on back. Consumers will not get an innovation in the iPad Mini design.

Apple iPad Mini Release Date, Price and Features
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