2012 Black Friday Walmart Deals: Tablets, Laptop, Smartphones

2012 Black Friday Ads by Walmart, Kmart and Target show a Black Thursday Evening early opening schedule with tablets deals, laptop, desktops, smartphones and much more.

Walmart Black Thursday Opening

From last few years, there is a trend in retail store towards opening on Thursday Thanksgiving evening termed as Black Thursday. Walmart has also been following this Black Thursday trend from last year by opening its Walmart holiday sales at 10:00PM on Thursday night.

Best Buy last year opened their doors at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day in 20 key markets, while the rest opened their doors at midnight on Black Friday.

With more and more consumers wanting to get the best deal possible, many stores like Walmart try to open their stores as early and as long as possible. Sears and Kmart will also be opening at 8:00PM on Thursday night to join the Black Thursday sales. Some other retailers, such as Lord & Taylor are also opening on Thanksgiving day, for the first time.

2012 Black Friday Opening Schedule: Walmart, Best Buy and Target

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Sales will start at 8:00PM with competitor stores Target and Toys "R" Us will be opening at 9:00OM. Best Buy Black Friday sale will begins at 11/23/2012 12:00AM. Here under is a whole list of stores and their opening times for this year 2012 Black Friday on Nov 23:
  1. Bass Pro Shop - 6:00 AM
  2. Best Buy - 12:00 AM
  3. Cabela's - 5:00 AM
  4. CompUSA - 5:00 AM
  5. HH Gregg - 12:00 AM
  6. JC Penney - 4:00 AM
  7. JoAnn Fabrics - 6:00 AM
  8. Kmart - 5:00 AM
  9. Kohl's - 12:00 AM
  10. Macy's - 12:00 AM
  11. Meijer - 4:00 AM
  12. Menards - 6:00 AM
  1. Microcenter - 8:00 AM
  2. Office Depot - 6:00 AM
  3. Office Max - 6:00 AM
  4. Old Navy - 12:00 AM
  5. Petsmart - 7:00 AM
  6. Radio Shack - 5:30 AM
  7. Sears - 4:00 AM
  8. Staples - 6:00 AM
  9. Target - 12:00 AM
  10. Toys'R'Us - 9:00 PM (on Thanksgiving Day)
  11. Walgreens - 7:00 AM
  12. Walmart - 12:00 AM

2012 Black Friday Walmart Deals for Tablets, Laptop, Smartphones

2012 Black Friday Walmart, Best Buy Deals: Tablets, Laptop, Computers
While Walmart does not offer a huge variety of computers, it does have a few Black Friday sales that you might be interested in. 2012 Walmart Black Friday Deals include a inexpensive Windows 8 Compaq Presario Laptop with AMD processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive for $179.

Other Laptop Computer deals includes a pair of HP Notebooks: a $279 15.6-inch model also sporting an AMD CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive; and a $349.99 15.6-inch version with an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive.

HP is also a popular PC brand at Walmart, which has offerings for you like 20-inches HP Pavilion all-in-one desktop computer with AMD processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of RAM for $389.

Acer Ultrabook with 13.3-inch display, Intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive for $499 will also be available on Friday at 5:00 AM.

If you are looking to buy a tablet, without giving any discount Walmart is trying to entice you to buy one at its stores by offering a $75 gift card if you purchase a $399 Apple iPad 2. However, Walmart is also selling an 8GB Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for just $99 and an 7-inch Android based Ematic tablet with 4GB of storage will be available for just $49 all Thanksgiving day.

2012 Black Friday Walmart, Best Buy Deals: Tablets, Laptop, Computers

Black Friday Walmart Smartphones Deals

Walmart Black Friday ads leaked online has revealed Samsung Galaxy S3, Stratosphere 2 and other Android smartphones in the list.

$100 Walmart Gift Card for every Android smartphone purchase (with new two-year contract, therefore it is available with the purchase of any of the on-contract smartphone). The offer will be valid from November 23 to December 1 of 2012. Walmart has also added various gadgets accessories for Black Friday deals. Lets have a look at those deals:
  • $129 Samsung Galaxy S3 - with new two-year contract
  • $49.88 HTC One X - with AT&T new two-year contract
  • $79.88 Samsung Galaxy S2 - with new T-Mobile two-year contract
  • $49.88 Samsung Stratosphere 2 - with new Verizon two-year contract
  • $0.97 Samsung Captivate Glide - with AT&T new two-year contract
  • $89.88 Motorola Photon Q - with new T-Mobile two-year contract
  • $39.88 LG Optimus Logic - prepaid smartphone with $50 savings
  • $39.88 Kyocera Hydro - prepaid smartphone with $60 savings
  • TBD Motorola Droid RAZR M - with new Verizon two-year contract
The only Apple deal is Apple iPod Touch 4G with bonus accessory kit in 16GB and 32GB capacities for $179 and $249 with $20 saving only.

There will also be the following data and voice packages available at Walmart as a part of 2012 Black Friday Deals:
  • $45 unlimited Straight Talk plan
  • $55 unlimited Boost Mobile plan
  • $80 Verizon prepaid refill card: 2GB traffic, unlimited talk and text
  • $19.98 Virgin Mobile prepaid refill card: 1GB of traffic
So get ready to grab you favorite 2012 Black Friday Walmart Deal and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get the latest gadgets updates.
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