Sapphire Glass instead Gorilla Glass in iPhone 7S

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Sapphire display screen integration in iPhone 7 is definitely going to be the strongest smartphone by Apple, increasing the screen durability to 60%. Scroll down to know more about sapphire glass, and use of sapphire glass instead of Gorilla glass in iPhone 7S.

Apple iPhone 6 was launched in September last year and similar to its previous version, it went on to break records as well. Before the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, it was expected that they may come with Sapphire Glass but it couldn’t take place in spite of of fact that Apple order large number of Sapphire glasses before the launch of these two smartphones.

Apple iPhone 7 shatter-proof story is going to be quite interesting, because so many people damage their phones by dropping them and shattering the screen. Sapphire iPhone 7S display would essentially be scratch-resistant and stronger than the Gorilla Glass.

The sapphire glass was previously featured in the Apple watch and is expected to be set up in iPhone 7S as well. For over a year now, the Gorilla Corning Glass has been in the market as the paramount screen protection. But at this time Apple looks forward in making the screen protection section a studier one with the introduction of this sapphire glass.

Sapphire Glass instead Gorilla Glass in iPhone 7S

What is this sapphire Glass?

The new iPhone 7S features Sapphire glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla glass that is being used in current iPhone. Sapphire glass is pretty much tough glass which is not easily breakable. We all have heard about the gemstone sapphire. It is an optically translucent crystal in the same mould as those of diamond or glass. Sapphire glass isn’t truly a glass — it’s a single crystal of transparent sapphire.

This sapphire is created synthetically, using a similar process to how a single crystal of silicon grows in the semiconductor industry. Synthetic sapphire is just a compound of aluminum and oxygen and is generally made by applying extremely high pressure and heat to aluminum oxide powder. Treating it to heat removes its internal stresses which can cause weakness and then processed into sheets; this synthetic sapphire is referred to as sapphire glass. And that's would be used on your phone.

This process is expensive and energy demanding, and there is usually quite a lot of wastage when passing through the slicing up stage. It is mostly for cost reasons that sapphire glass has historically only been used in small quantities, and usually in high-ticket items. It’s also used in military settings, for shatter-proof windows. Sapphire glass, apart from for its cost, has some amazingly attractive qualities.

Introduction of sapphire glass in iPhone 7S is all set because they want the gorilla glass to face a hard competition. Apart from the strong look, the glass offers an incredible and a magnificent smooth finish, which is bound to make its users fall for it again and again.

Sapphire glass instead of Gorilla glass in iPhone 7S

Perfectly transparent, harder than Gorilla Glass and stronger than steel, that all sounds like very convincing verification to slather the screen of your phone in sapphire glass. But here the question arises that why it is not used everywhere? The simple reply is it's much expensive. The price come mainly due to the manufacturing process, which produces big block of sapphire, called a boule, which has to be sliced using a diamond saw or laser into thin sections.

The specifications of the iPhone 7S especially its build and design is expected to be marvelous. It is quite understandable that Apple is investing greatly in the manufacture and machining of sapphire glass for its future products. Apple is taking significant steps to keep itself standout from its competitors. The sapphire glass instead of Gorilla Glass is a special display feature that holds the benefits of both types of glass. The forthcoming new glass display will surely boost toughness and durability.

Although Gorilla Glass is the standard used on most current smartphones, the display has proven to be vulnerable to scratches to some extent. On the other hand, Sapphire Glass has been gradually increasing in popularity with Apple manufacturers. This upcoming sapphire glass integration hopes to be an add-on for Apple fans who want to lock up their phones in protective cases. A little sprinkling of sapphire, however, could be just the magic we need to keep our pricey phones safe to be spoiled by the scratches.

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