Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone Up Review

Now a days, there is trend of fitness bands. As a result, these bands are the biggest selling wearable tech devices on the market.

Although there are so many great fitness trackers on the market that choosing the best one can be difficult. But Jawbone and Fitbit are two leading companies that are doing good job in this regard.

But innovation is core of this product so there is always something to surprise us. Such an example is the incorporation of optical technology such as a heart rate monitoring feature from Garmin. With the help of fitness bands, you remain accurate in terms of steps and sleep you take.

In addition to this , resting heart rate and decent notifications all wrapped up into a comprehensive app make Garmin as a excellent alternative of Jawbone as well as Fitbit.

Users know that the right activity tracker for them is one, which is based on their individual needs, no matters of what kind is it, either step counting, sleep tracking or heart rate tracking. Everyone has different needs and customization according to needs of users is essential part of such products.

Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone Up Review

Fitbit and Jawbone are leading companies and giving tough competition to each other as discussed above. Here you can find their recent products review, i.e. Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP, in terms of design, features and battery:

Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone Up Review


If we look at Fitbit Flex band, it is just a piece of plastic. The specialty is its light that actually emanate from the Fitbit core. It is a small module resembling the Fitbit One, which slots inside. s removable and can easily be taken out. You have to remove it while charging. Its water resistance design is something that should be highlighted. You will have a rainbow of color options meaning you can mix and match to fit in with your wardrobe.

On the other hand, the Jawbone UP design is also outstanding. It is coated in a rubber finish due to which it becomes a resistant but flexible core. Like Fitbit, it is water resistant and you will be provided with the range of colors in the Jawbone line-up. It is not attached rather springs around your wrist. It comes in three size, so no fears, you can get the perfect fit.


Tracking is the basics of these band. Fitbit Flex monitors your footsteps by using its built-in accelerometer. It uses that count to calculate the total distance, you have travelled. In addition, it counts how much calories you have burned, and how many minutes in the day that you've been active. You can get this information on your Smartphone via Bluetooth without paying a single penny. But Fitbit Flex has some shortcomings like lack of altimeter. Altimeter is used to tell about your calories and steps when you've climbed stairs or you've walked up a steep incline though. But Fitbit Flex is not able to this.

The Jawbone UP also tracks walking and running. It counts your steps, distance and calories giving you a total picture of whole day. UP is considered as quite a bit better than many of its competitors in terms of accuracy.


Such high tech devices are mostly paired with battery issues but both bands surprisingly, once charged you can expect to get between five and seven days of use on a single charge.


In terms of features both bands are amazing. How do you feel that something is observing you while you are sleeping. Yes, that exactly what Fitbit do in sleep mode. It acts like a sleep tracker and monitor how well you've been snoozing and there's a built-in vibration alarm to wake you. The best thing is about its vibration alarm that wake you up gently. But it is also true that Flex isn't as smart as Jawbone UP, with its light-sleep wake function - instead its alarm just buzzes you back from the land of nod at a specific set time.

As mentioned above, the best features of Jawbone UP, which make it special is its vibration alerts. These alerts will give you a buzz when you've been sitting still for too long, or when you forget scheduled workout time. The most incredible feature is a gentle alarm to wake you up when you're in your lightest sleep. As a result, you wake feeling refreshed, rather than with red eyes, because you're closer to a natural waking state rather in deep sleep.
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