Ufone 3G Internet Packages Price Rates in Pakistan

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What is the benefit of having a big number of mobile carriers in your country? They fight for your signature on the dotted line, or for you having their SIM card in the case of prepaid plans.

Ultimately giving more choices and benefit opportunities for the consumers. To help those who are less informed we have written this article to review Ufone 3G Internet Packages Price Rates in Pakistan and Ufone 3G service quality in term of speed and coverage.

Phones were first used to call talk, and even though today’s world has turned its focus on texting and tweeting/facebooking, Ufone still offers competitive pricing in this area for those who wish to go old-school and call.

Ufone is a major local mobile carrier networks in Pakistan, having 25 million subscribers. It was offering 2G voice and text since 2005. Now in 2014, after securing 3G license from PTA, they are offering a variety of plans and bundles to suit your needs.

Ufone 3G Service Review

Things are not so clear once we head to the 3G range of products Ufone is trying to sell. Pricing is steep. And also the package is speed dependent apart from the traffic. Let's check are Ufone 3G Internet Packages really worth it:

Ufone 3G Internet Packages Price Rates in Pakistan

You can see that a 1GB monthly prepaid plan will set you back Rs.200, at an already archaic speed of 256Kbps (can I hear a sarcastic hurray?).

Ufone 3G Internet Packages Price Rates in Pakistan

Also the fastest speed they are said to offer is 3Mbps. Looking at the competition around 7.2 Mbps this looks like a joke. One more thing, the coverage, you can count the cities that have 3G using your fingers.

But is there anything good about it? Of course there is, otherwise this article could be classified as bashing. As most carriers they offer smartphones if you go for a contract. One catch the phone is carrier locked, meaning no jumping ships and switching carriers. But if you are ready to commit for a longer period of time, a subsidized phone on a contract might be just what the doctor ordered. Plus tying in the low cost Call + Text plans means that if you can settle on a subpar coverage, and not a lot of data per month, opting for Wi-Fi when you can, then this mix of price and quality might be the one you are looking for.

Speaking in general we were not amazed about the new Ufone 3G offers. They have a lot to do until they can compete with the big dogs. But if they can expand enough, promote themselves the right way, and apply some aggressive pricing, they might just startle the dominance of Mobilink and Telenor in Pakistan.

For now we would recommend sticking to 2G if you wish to remain on Ufone, or if you are not tied by a contract or bound by coverage and wish to explore new possibilities we suggest trying out a different carrier.

Ufone has a big perspective that is not quite there yet, and being the 4th largest carrier in Pakistan, we hope they have enough firepower to create some competition in the future.
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