Hitech Interactive Whiteboards Technology for Classrooms and Conference Rooms

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Digital Hitech Whiteboards are interactive learning and collaboration technology system, that are now being increasingly used from classrooms in the educational institutes to corporate conferencing and meeting rooms.

Hitech whiteboards are the large, touch-sensitive interactive boards are connected to a computer and projector to make use of video, animation, graphics and sound technologies. On these computer powered systems, professionals, teachers and students can manipulate images; write out math problems and even watch use help from YouTube videos tutorials.

Digital Hitech whiteboards have changed the way we learn for ever. They have been really helpful. With a hi-tech whiteboard we can refer back to previous sessions whenever due to recording features.

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Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms at Schools, Colleges, Universities

Hi-tech Interactive whiteboards are now used in half of all classrooms in United States and England. Schools on a national scale have been replacing their blackboards with digital whiteboards. Most teachers see these upgrades as an opportunity to better communicate with students, speaking their language and learning about the world children and teenagers live in now.

Hitech Interactive Interactive whiteboard are green technology since they are paperless and do not produce any waste containing organic or chemical materials.

Kids are very much into technology. An Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and an audience response system attached with it in the primary childern classroom results in peers to be more engaged in learning and enjoy their time in the classroom more. The parent explained, “”

Replacing school blackboards with hi-tech Interactive whiteboards not only provides the capability to personalize teaching and learning but also helps to meet the needs of individual pupils by learning at their own pace.

In the classroom, teachers and students have access to a networked and real time, virtual whiteboard on their computer. Students can interact with the subject material and with each other in a manner dictated by the courses prepared by the teacher. Which in turn motivates the students and involves their interest and creativity in a way not provided by traditional teaching methods.

However, to use the modern interactive Hitech Whiteboards, training workshop are required for teachers as well as students, so that they can benefit and interact with the new system all at once.

The impact of Interactive hitech whiteboards on academic performance of students is still under studies. However, the ability of interactive hitech white boards to present faster, efficient, accurate and more advanced information demonstrate is out of question.

Hitech Whiteboards Technology in Conference Rooms

Digital Hitech whiteboards have changed the way we learn for ever. They have been really helpful. With an interactive hi-tech whiteboard we can refer back to previous sessions whenever we require, due to recording features. Access to multimedia, projection software, internet, remote desktops and video conferencing are the features that have taken modern conferencing room to the level of unprecedented interaction.

Just recall the Interactive Whiteboard used in the CNN new studio, during the last US elections, The ability of Hitech Whiteboards Technology to easily bring broadcast media and supporting materials in real time is amazing.

Best Interactive Whiteboards for Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Here under we are listing some of the best Interactive Whiteboards Technology Systems to be used for Classrooms and Conference Rooms:

Smart Board: Smart Technologies are one of the leading Interactive Whiteboards makers, based in Alberta. It has sold more than 130,000 units in 2008 and controls about half of the market. Smart Technologies offer different class of interactive whiteboard products for education and business.

Smart Board, Hitech Interactive Whiteboard Technology System

Polyvision Eno: Polyvision with their Interactive Whiteboard technology named "eno", requires no special applications or cables for installation. They claim to engage, inspire and collaborate with the longest-lasting and most versatile classroom technology.

Polyvision Eno, Hitech Interactive Whiteboards

Activboards: Developed by Georgia based Promethean, a leader and innovator in interactive learning technologies with their product, Activboards. It is a product designed by teachers for teachers and as a result it's brought the learning experience to life.

Activboards, Hitech Interactive Whiteboards by Promethean

eInstruction: This Texas based company, links interactive whiteboards to hand-held voting systems withn same price range. The participant can vote on the answer to a question, allowing the moderator to gauge comprehension.

eInstruction, Interactive Whiteboards technology

eBeam: Luidia, a California based company produces a portable Interactive Whiteboard device called the eBeam, which renders whiteboard projections interactive. Also unlike most of its competitors in this space, Luidia works with partners like 3M, Hitachi and NEC to use Luidia's technology in their equipment. They have separate products for education and business. They also have a product selection wizard on therir website, where one can make a slecetion of the required features and then list down the system that meets them at the best.

eBeam, Interactive Whiteboard Systems by Luidia

Hitachi Starboard: Hitachi has a complete range of Interactive Whiteboard product that make use of USB, Bluetooth, Infrared and ultrasound technology and offers a wide field of vision. Hitachi Starboard System also offer an ability to take Polls or multiple-choice questions with this answer interactive whiteboard technology.

Hitachi Starboard, Interactive Whiteboard Technology System
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