Team Fortress 2: TF2 Christmas 2011 Updates Packs

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Team Fortress 2: TF2 Christmas 2011 Updates Packs

Valve has enhanced the Team Fortress 2 fan's happiness on this Christmas 2011 with the release of two TF2 Update Packs, add-ons, goodies, new gear, new map and promotions. The announced second annual Australian Christmas holiday update, will bring TF2 gamers promotional prices on more than 50 Mann Co. store items marked down by as much as 75% until Jan 2, 2011.

There are two parts for Tf2 Christmas 2011 updates, first part was released on Dec 14, 2011 while second part is just announced on Dec 21, 2011.

TF2 Australian Christmas 2011 Updates Packs: Moonman, Engy and Brainiac

Tf2 Christmas 2011 updates is revovles around these pair of Dr. Grordbort class packs for the Engineer and Pyro. Pyro gets the Moonman pack and Engy gets the Brainiac Pack. They both get a new primary, secondary, melee, hat and misc. items that have a futuristic and alien-like theme. It brings you additional weapons like The Third Degree (Fire Axe), that damages all players connected by Medic beams.

Furthermore, Valve has created a whole bunch of community items for the holiday season of TF2 Australian Christmas 2011. There is the new Naughty and Nice crates and keys. The "nice" crates can only be opened with "nice" keys and contain the Australian Christmas items, while the "naughty" crates and keys unlock a class's default weapon with Christmas lights, wrapped around them. There is a chance you can get one with a strange variation and still have a chance to unlock an unusual hat for both.

There are 14 holiday themed weapons, hats and cosmetic items in TF2 Australian Christmas 2011 Updates Packs created by TF2 community members and a new Foundry map, which features 12 map-specific achievements.

TF2 Australian Christmas 2011 Updates Packs: Foundry map

The biggest part of the update in TF2 Australian Christmas 2011 Updates Packs is the whole new control points map named Foundry. Just a standard control points map, however there are 12 new achievements, all related to this map AND if you get 7 of them you unlock the new "Full Head of Steam" hat for all classes.

Team Fortress 2 or TF2 is completely free to play game and a total fun. Anyone with a computer and Internet connected can play TF2 online. Team Fortress 2 is the best first person shooter gamer to be played on PC online. You can check out here the full rundown and features of the Team Fortress 2 Australian Christmas 2011.

Team Fortress 2: Team Fortress 2 Australian Christmas 2011 Updates Packs

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