Nintendo 3DS eShop with Free Excitebike, Pokedex, Music Video, Internet Browser

Nintendo 3DS eShop with Free Excitebike, Pokedex, Music Video, Internet Browser

Nintendo 3DS eShop has just been annouced by announched at E3 2011. Previewed a few days back, this Nintendo 3DS update will make sure your hardware will run at the best of its capability, and offers far more than just the 3D Music Video by OK Go which accompanied the previous update.

The eShop will be Nintendo’s storefront for all things digital on the 3DS. It is set to offer a myriad of games from different consoles, but one thing it won’t offer, at least in the beginning, is full 3DS titles.

The highly anticipated 3DS eShop alongside a free copy of Excitebike 3D will definitely do its bit to win skeptics over if all goes well, while the Augmented Reality-enabled Pokedex 3D app might just appeal to the legions of Pokemon fans out there.

Apart from that, you will also be able to enjoy a free Internet Browser 3D functionality for specific sites – expect this to be a filler amidst the goodness, as currently there is an extremely limited amount of sites that support such functionality so don’t expect this to be its main “downloading” point.

User will do look forward to the ability to transfer or purchase over 350 DSiWare games, of course. At last, the Nintendo 3DS has received an “electric shock” of sorts to its system which might just make you want to wipe the dust off that portable console.

At launch it will only offer more than 350 DSi Games and 5 new software – three Vintage 1989 Games from the black-and-white Game Boy library, a 3-D enhanced version of the classic 8-bit game Excitebike and an interactive Pokémon strategy guide.

Nintendo 3DS eShop games will start at $1.99 each. Top titles like Super Mario Land will cost $3.99, and Alleyway and Radar Mission will cost $2.99.
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