Top Most Scariest Horror Video Games

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Join us as we take a look at the killer lineup of some of the most scariest horror video games on the horizon of last few years.

Horror video games, to some extent, can be a much more terrifying experience than just watching a film, mainly because more is at stake when playing a horror game and the user is actively involved in what's on the screen rather than passively watching what's on the TV.

Many horror-themed games on the market, ranging from the game First Person Shooter (FPS) until action game with a third person perspective. This type of game was fairly highly favored by gamers, even among the top ranked time game sales worldwide.

Among the horror games that have been circulating, there is a place of mystical figure or an alien with a sinister look. That's all it is designed to give the impression that more and more real horror to every player.

Most Scariest Horror Video Games
  1. SAW 2

    Virtually nothing about the video game based on the tremendously grisly Saw franchise has been revealed other than the news that the original film's director James Wan is heavily involved in the project and Billy the Puppet appeared in the Saw2 game. The players will be the ones attempting to escape from traps built to rip them limb from limb.

    SAW2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  2. Sadness

    The survival horror game Sadness has caught attention for several reasons. The first is the game's plot which involves a mother who must protect her narcoleptic son after they survive a train wreck. The other reason the game are the graphics which are done entirely in black and white.

    Sadness Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  3. Siren: Blood Curse

    Siren raised a number of stories about the spread of small and isolated village in Japan mountain. Games created for the PS3 is very scary claimed locations thanks to an unusual game and the zombies who seem daunting. If you're looking for a high quality horror title to play in addition to Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Siren: Blood Curse should be a good game to pick up.

    Siren Blood Curse: Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  4. System Shock 2

    Although somewhat old enough, which was released in 1999, this game is considered to have inspired a number of horror games that exist today. In System Shock 2 players will play as a soldier who will travel in outer space. This is where various scenes of horror terhjadi, players will encounter a variety of alien creatures with a creepy way.

    System Shock 2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  5. Doom 3

    Doom 3 it appears it was familiar enough gamers, FPS games released in the year 2004 this has been a phenomenal game that very moment. In addition to the game system is fun and creepy, this game also has a graphic quality that is admirable in his time.

    Doom 3 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  6. Dead Space 2

    One more game action is taking place in outer space and looks very scary. It is Dead Space 2 released for the Xbox 360 and PC. This game also tells the action performed rescue a group of soldiers. The main character in this game, Isacc, will find a variety of scary aliens with graphics quality was impressive.

    Dead Space 2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  7. FEAR 2

    First Encounter Assault Recon or better known by the name F.E.A.R is tale of a soldier who has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings. This game looks very scary because of the appearance of a ghost voice coupled with very shocking encounters. FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon) makes you part of a classified strike team created to deal with threats that no one else can handle. After a rescue mission ends with one special forces team dead, your team is sent in to clean up the mess. Now you must eliminate intruders with high-tech firearms and classified weaponry such as the corkscrew missile launcher, the rapid-fire battle cannon, and the sub-nuclear blaster that turns enemies to pillars of ash. In the game, you'll experience a helicopter crash, ride shotgun in high-speed car chases, evade assassins on motorcycles and more.

    FEAR 2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  8. Silent Hill 2

    Silent Hill is a game that ranks quite frightening. Here, players will encounter a variety of spirits sightings, moaning sounds scary until the scene adds more horror. But unfortunately, some of the latest series in fact seem less impressive.

    Silent Hill 2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  9. BioShock 2

    We still have stains in our underpants from the first time we faced off against the hulking menaces known as Big Daddys in the original BioShock. And we can't fathom anything more blood-curdling than the freaks you fight in the original. BioShock 2 will likely be more of a slight upgrade + continuation of the original (ala God of War to God of War II or GTA3 to GTA Vice City/San Andreas) rather than a full-blown sequel. It Not only provide a sense of horror is quite exciting, game located in the city is below sea also appears attractive because it has a lot of artistic elements. When compared with the first series, the action combat in Bioshock 2 seems more exciting with the presence of several new characters as the main player

    BioShock 2 Most Scariest Horror Video Game

  10. Resident Evil 5

    Since the original Resident Evil's inception back in 1996, Capcom's survival horror series has remained the king of horror video games, The mysterious new sack-headed enemy in RE5 looks like a worthy successor to Resident Evil 4's chainsaw-weilding Dr. Salvador too. Perhaps no game is most exciting of the series Resident Evil. Zombie enemies are very fierce, a thrilling battle system to the quality of the graphics are amazing, especially the Resident Evil 5. This game is practically over Co-op, which means players have to help each other with other players, and the factors that makes this game so scary.

    Resident Evil 5 Most Scariest Horror Video Game
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  1. Nice collection list, I have most of them, but like RE and Doom most.

  2. Half-life 2: episode 1?

  3. Dear! Half-Life 2 is no doubt a really impressive and engaging first-person shooter video game. Infact one of the greatest PC games of all time.
    But it does not fit well in the category of "Top 10 Scariest Horror Video Games" IMHO ):

  4. Resident Evil 5 and Bioshock 2 as your top two? Resident evil lost a great deal of it's terror and suspense since it's inception. Sure it's still survival horror, but sadly it is more action now then it is scary. You want horror with good graphics, play the remake of RE1 on gamecube. Though nothing beats the story's/atmosphere of RE1 and 2.

    Bioshock's not really all that scary, sure it has it's creepy moments and the atmosphere is there, but it's just never been survival horror. Granted though, bioshocks story is without a doubt one of the best and very unique. Both 1 and 2. My 8 year old son played it form start to finish with no pause, it really isn't all that scary.

    Top Survival Horror game is hands down Deadspace 1 or 2, take your pick. RE1 or RE2 certainly can come in in the top 3, graphics are terribly out dated, but back then...Resident evil not only made the survival horror genre, but it scared the %$^& out of people.

  5. How can you forget Amnesia: Dark Descent!!

    That is the most scariest game I've ever played! No weapons and you constantly have to balance dark and light so you can keep your sanity and not get spotted by the creatures.

  6. Amnesia yeah very a good one

  7. Fatal frame beats them all


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