new iPhone 6C Price, Specs, Features and Release Date

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Learn about the new iPhone 6C Price, Specs, Features along with expected iPhone 6C Release Date coming out in fall 2014.

Apple has introduced two models of smartphones with iPhone 5G. Although Apple CEO Tim Cook does not seems much happy from the response they got from iPhone 5C.

Most of the analysts still believe Apple will reiterate the same strategy for the next iPhone 6th generation, to strengthen its presence in low budget smartphone markets especially in Asia.

There is huge buzz about the iPhone 6 release date, specification and features. But not so much about the iPhone 6C, which is its cheaper and colorful sibling.

new iPhone 6C Price, Specs, Features and Release Date 2014 or 2015
Since the launch and market release of the iPhone 5C, it has been deemed as a not so successful gadget according to several reports due to low sales. But this did not stop the possibility of still having people to talk about the potential iPhone 6C launching, cost and features.

new iPhone 6C Price 2014

The price of iPhone 6C in US is expected to be around $649 for a standard 16GB contract free unlocked model.

iPhone 6C Specs and Features

Apple iPhone 6C specs also includes redesign case, an upgraded camera and processor running Apple iOS 8 operating system software.

The iPhone 6c will also be 1.5 mm thinner from the top & 3 mm thicker at the bottom as compare to iPhone 5c, and weighing 70-grams. The edge to edge screen glass-display will give a nice touch with adding more good visuals to the smartphone.

According to latest news, the new iPhone 6C features a 4.8 inches larger Retina + IGZO display to satisfy the large screen smartphone trend. The new iPhone 6C edge-to-edge display is also widely rumored. But we think, it is conditioned with the offering of same thing in its premier model iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6C might have a 128GB of memory storage, same as the iPad 128 GB tablet.

Recent iPhone 6c rumors hints that new iPhone 6C with come out with no home button. But the device features a gesture control and NFC.

new iPhone 6C Price, Specs, Features and Release Date 2014 or 2015

Six iPhone 6c colors are expected. So we are going to have one more fashionable color options in addition to iPhone 5C five colors already offered

iPhone 6C Release Date

Surely Apple is considering a new version of its cheaper iPhone, which would be called the iPhone 6C. When is the next iPhone 5C coming out? Let find the answer!

Apple historically release the new iPhone model either in the summer or the fall, so traditionally we are at few months away from the new iPhone 5C release in September 2014.

But as Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster hinted that looking at poor sales, Apple might defer the iPhone 6C launch date and instead relay on the sale of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at slashed prices after iPhone 6 launch.

Thus, there is a possible that Apple will decide not to release the iPhone 6C update in 2014, but instead hold it for another year. Consequently, we might see an iPhone 6C coming out in 2015 accompanying Apple iPhone 6S.
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