Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan

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Lets learn Samsung Galaxy S VI (S6) Price in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippine and other regional markets.

Samsung Galaxy S6 packs most exquisite features and top-notch specs combined with Android 5.0 Lime Pie, aimed to take on htc ONE 2, Google Nexus 6, Apple iPhone 6 and other competitor smartphones in the class.

Samsung Galaxy S phone series enjoys the reputation of one of the world best smartphone brand. It started its rein was Samsung Galaxy S in 2010 but the real hero for the series was Samsung Galaxy S2 launched in 2011. The device earned the public title of "iPhone Killer" as recognition to the smartphone specs and features it had offered compared to iPhone.

Before Samsung galaxy S5 coming in 2014, despite of selling in billions world wide Samsung Galaxy S3 and its successor Samsung Galaxy S4 were modest incremental upgrades over the foundations laid down by the Galaxy S2 handset.

After Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date, the next big thing on the product timeline calendar of the Korean company is Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date coming in the first quarter of year 2015.
The year 2015 is going to witness some of the most impressive advancements on hardware and software fronts moving into the Future Technology world. To compete against new Upcoming Phones, Samsung phone division is already working on Galaxy S6th generation smartphone and if reports are to be believed Korean are working really hard to bring something real solid to compete well with Apple iPhone 6, at the same time keeping Samsung Galaxy S6 cost effective.

Industry Experts suggest that regardless of whatever price tag Samsung Galaxy S4 phone may carry, the device guarantees to offer value of money compared to iPhone 6. Thanks to it's high quality build and finishing and improved features offered by Android 5.0 and TouchWhiz 3.0, the new Galaxy S6 handset is estimated to generate new sales record.

For technology enthusiasts Samsung Galaxy S6 price tag might not matter as long as it offer useful features. But from consumer point of view, in a competitive market it is very important to see how much Samsung Galaxy S6 costs. Let's look at the market dynamics and price factors and to dig deep into how much Samsung Galaxy S6 will cost in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa; in European countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium as well as in Asian region including Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Siri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and Korea itself:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in US, UK, Canada, Australia, India

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 priced at huge $770 USD is the most expensive phone (or phablet as it should be classified) that Samsung has ever launched.

If Samsung Galaxy S5 does cost $639 USD in USA, £600 GBP in UK and 34,700 INR in India; its successor Samsung Galaxy S6 price point should be in the range from $639 and $770 USD.

It is a rule of thumb that conventional hardware gets cheaper with time. Therefore, if Samsung S6 comes as an incremental upgrade, its pricing point should stay same as of its predecessor, that is $639 for a standard unlocked 32GB model.

However, if the device host whole bunch of extra tech in the handset we could see the Samsung Galaxy S6 pricing going up to the price tag of $750 USD.

Well, let's get you out all these lot of IFs and BUTs. Unlike most of Samsung galaxy S6 rumors from some of the so called tech gurus, S6 would have some next gen features like 4K display but iTechWhiz do not expect it to board some geeky techy things like Flexible AMOLED display that can be bend like paper card to fold into your pocket. So find below the estimated price for Galaxy S6 32GB unlocked in your country:
  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in USA is expected around $675 USD
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Canada is expected around $699 CAD
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Australia is expected around $599 AUS Australian Dollar
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in UK is expected around £629 GPB including VAT
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Germany is expected around €699 EUR including Taxes
  6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Belgium is expected around €699 EUR including Taxes
  7. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Denmark is expected around 7800 DKK Danish Krone
  8. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Italy is expected around €699 EUR including Taxes
  9. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in New Zealand is expected around $849 NZD New Zealand Dollar
  10. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in South Africa is expected around 7299 ZAR South African Rand
  11. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Russia is expected around 30000 RUB Russian Ruble
  12. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in China is expected around 5499 CNY Chinese Yuan
  13. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Korea is expected around 722500 KRW South Korean Won
  14. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Hong Kong is expected around $5300 HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  15. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Singapore is expected around $855 SGD Singapore Dollar
  16. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Malaysia is expected around 2299 MYR Malaysian Ringgit
  17. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India is expected around Rs.35900 IND Indian Rupee
  18. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Pakistan is expected around Rs.64500 PKR Pakistani Rupee
  19. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Sri Lanka is expected around Rs.89000 LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
  20. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Indonesia is expected around 8355000 IDR Indonesian Rupiah
  21. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Iraq is expected around 790000 IQD Iraqi Dinar
  22. Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Iran is expected around 16529000 IRR Irani Riyal
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