Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps

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Check out features review of Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps vs to find out which app is best at navigation, driving directions and traffic alerts.

Now a days, people are heavily dependent on Map apps while going anywhere. The answer of why we are becoming so addicted to this app is simple, It’s free, the directions are accurate, and most of the time , we find the voices easy to follow without getting lost. Such apps come pre-installed on mobile devices. In other words, Map app has made life much easier.

When you think about a navigation app, Google Maps is the first thing that comes to your mind. Google maps are so famous that no other choice comes to people’s mind. Google has been really on top of navigation especially over the last couple of years. You can’t find any comparison of this app. But Google Maps is not the only choice in this regard. If you want navigation done in a different way, then you have a remarkable number of options.

Although Google maps are well known among users but Apple and Waze are also improving themselves with the passage of time. Although for the time being, Apple’s Maps is a far behind from its powerful and expansive competitor i.e. Google . But Apple is improving its service as the user are growing and according to apple , the app is in part crowdsourced . It means that more people use it, the better it will get.

Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps

Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps

Here you can find a brief comparison of all three maps i.e. Waze, Google maps as well as Apple maps.

Google Now Maps

  • We are completely agreed to the fact that Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets did make navigating the world faster and easier.
  • For the time being, Google Maps is market leader and there is no doubt about it. Google introduced Street View and mass transit info seven years ago.
  • At the back end of Google Maps, there are transit directions for 100 cities worldwide. And now included even more, almost 18,000 cities in 64 countries.
  • Google Maps is trying to include socially driven services also such as Yelp and Foursquare. By having this update, users will be able to view their photos and reviews directly in “Your Places” profile.
  • Google has a unique feature in the form of voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, as well as walking which helps a lot.
  • Google Maps offers live traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatic rerouting to find the best route, and this all make Google Map app superior to all.
  • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants and museums is something that competitors can only think about.

Apple iPhone Maps

  • Apple is not even in the queue with Google in terms of Maps but it is trying to bring those essential features to Maps that Google can focus on the low-hanging fruit. Google did announced that iOS users will get a Google Maps feature. Through this feature , users can send pinned locations from desktop to mobile device. This feature is already available on Apple's Maps desktop app for OS X.
  • Apple has made some improvements in app such as in case of any problem with map , you have to tap on the page curl in the bottom right corner. Different options including a link named as Report a Problem at the top appears.
  • Tap this and a list of five possible issues will appear. Choose the one that best describes the problem and tap next. According to Apple experts, in a short amount of time these problems will be fixed. 
  • They also said that the more reports they receive about a single issue, the faster it will be corrected.
  • Apple is known as fond of precision, not for speed. So it is quite acceptable that Apple is taking its time in creating a competitive Maps app. According to officials that Maps will one day be so accurate, it’ll tell you which subway entrance is best to take.
  • Besides that, Apple is also testing self-driven robots to collect indoor mapping data of big office buildings and landmarks.

Waze Maps

  • Waze is becoming also popular day by day and widely trusted alternative in turn-to-turn navigation.
  • Waze is not only a navigation app, but it’s also a social network. By using this app, you can share and get real-time traffic information, routes, and gas prices to improve each other’s driving experiences.
  • Waze supports the Maps app with a network of drivers reporting traffic information, accidents on the road, and much more. Relying on drivers who are actually on the road at any given time makes Waze’s data extremely accurate.
  • Waze is pretty good in terms of determining alternate routes because it gets its directions from the routes locals take every day.
  • The navigation app also offers other cool features to its community such as discovering new places.

Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps: Verdict

All three apps are good when reviewed and compared on driving directions, navigation and traffic alerts. Google Maps, Waze GPS Navigation App for android and iPhone and Apple Maps can assist with trip planning. Google or Waze both will offer you similar estimated travel times, including when to start your trip.

If you live in a place with mass transit options, then google maps navigation app offers a definite advantage. Google maps allows to compare travel times across several different modes/option of transport simultaneously. Google Maps is more detailed in traditional map. It is packed with additional information about businesses, monuments, and everything else in a map app.

However, Waze is a turn-by-turn navigation app that focuses on a social network where drivers can share information about accidents, police officers, road closures, and more. It is solely for navigation by car. if you are definitely on the wheel, then Waze traffic app ability to instantly adjust route based on currently traffic conditions is a game-changer.

On the other hand, if we compare google maps vs apple maps alos including waze iphone app in the picture, Google Maps and Waze were way better than Apple maps first version. But after the Apple maps update they are at par. Instead Waze iPhone maps, you can use Siri to navigate using Apple maps. Apple maps with Siri enables yoy to see where you are going without having to unlock the phone.

At the end, the answer to which app is better in Waze vs Google maps vs Apple maps review; comes to personal prefernce depending upon whether you are using an iPhone or Android smartphone.
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