BACtrack Breathalyzer iPhone App Review

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The BACtrack is a small handheld accessory that can provide users with their blood alcohol content. While it's been around for a few years with iOS compatibility, the device' accompanying application was recently updated to support the Health Kit tools introduced in iOS 8.

Obviously it is not recommended that you should trust a personal breathalyzer to tell you if you’re too drunk to drive. But as long as you use a breathalyzer as a deterrent, this device can help you to make more responsible decisions when you’re out for drinks. According to market research data, the BACtrack S80 Pro is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest-to-use personal breathalyzer that you can buy.

Before we go any further, the obvious must be stated: Do not drink and drive. Even if you're under the legal limit, impaired driving can be dangerous and irresponsible. The BACtrack does not excuse poor decisions.The BACtrack is compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3, 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and other Android 4.3 smart devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. Let’s have a brief review of BAC track Breathalyzer iPhone App.
BACtrack Breathalyzer iPhone App Review

How Breathalyzer iPhone App Works

The BACtrack is a two-part solution. The hardware contains the actual breathalyzer while all the outputs are shown on your Smartphone. Simply inhale into the BACtrack and iPhone will show the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in real time.

Once breath is captured and analyzed the data is sent via Bluetooth to the BACtrack app on your iPhone. Your blood alcohol content will be displayed in four digits on the screen, being sensitive enough to reach the third decimal place. The BACtrack is sensitive enough to pick up even trace amounts of alcohol in your blood.


The BACtrack comes with the three swappable mouthpieces for cleanliness, a micro USB cable for recharging, a carrying case and a user manual. The BACtrack is plastic and small, and handy and claims to offer reliable BAC results. There is only one button on the front side of the unit to turn it on, just below the opening where users exhale to check the blood alcohol content of their breath.

The device also has an auto-off feature when it is inoperative. The hardware features incorporated Bluetooth to connect to a Smartphone. The BACtrack doesn't have any display means users cannot find out their blood alcohol levels without a connected Smartphone. Fortunately, the iPhone app goes beyond our expectations.

iPhone integration

After using the BACtrack and accompanying app the need for Bluetooth connectivity in a breathalyzer the value became clear. Rather than just showing your blood alcohol level, the BACtrack app goes a few steps further to provide detailed information and guesses.
For example, upon determining your BAC, the app will offer an estimate as to how long it will take for the user to become 100 percent clear-headed, in what BACtrack calls "ZeroLine technology."

Users can also label their tests in order such as photos, notes and drink logs. With this, users can more precisely decide how many drinks get their body to a certain blood alcohol level. Users must remain empty stomach for 15 minutes before using the BACtrack to test their blood alcohol level.

Upon opening the app, it instantly begins looking for the BACtrack hardware. Once turned on, the unit connects and begins initializing approximately right away. As a user selects within the app to begin a BAC test, the hardware prepares with a "warming up" indicator. The next screen notifies users to begin breathing in, in preparation to exhale for the test. As the iPhone alerts the user to begin exhaling, a handy counter shows the completion level. After a few seconds of analyzing, the user's blood alcohol content is displayed.

Here, users can modify their results with custom information about drinks, photos, location and more. The BAC track app also lets users store their readings within the HealthKit app. The blood alcohol content is stored under the "Results" menu of the iOS 8 Health app. The time to clear-headed could allow users a greater understanding of how their body processes alcohol.

Going social

The capabilities and performance of the BAC track hardware and accompanying app were enough to impress. The app feature that seems weird is social sharing. Yes, each time you blow into the BACtrack it can automatically post your BAC results on your Face book wall or Twitter timeline.


At £70 the BACtrack is a pricey accessory and one that probably won’t appeal to a wide group of people. However, it’s an accessory that can save lives and sounds good to be available in bar in every pub in the country. It would be a great service for pubs to keep people aware of just how drunk they are and it may be dangerous if they try to drive home in their existing situation.
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