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Paid To Click (PTC) is an online internet business model allowing users to earn money online by just viewing and clicking advertisements for a few seconds. It simply work on the concept of Advertisers wanting internet users to see their ads. Online products and services selling website place advertisements on PTC websites and money is paid by them every time their advertisement is viewed. The company keep a percentage of that money and credits rest in users account for viewing that advertisements.

OnBux comparison with other Online Business PTC competitors

OnBux is Pay to Click (PTC) online business website newly launched in the month of June, 2010. But from the very first day of its launch, it picked well with a very positive reviews. For last 6 months its payment flow and and business presence remain consistent, rebuffing the scamming claims feared initially without any standings.

OnBux is a registered company gradually gaining reputation as an online business with strong earning potential. Here under is a tabular comparison of OnBux with various other PTC websites:

# Name $ / Click Ads Timer Payment Waiting Rating
1.OnBux$0.018+30 secPP,AP,LR,Ninstant5.0
2.NeoBux$0.017+30 secPP,APinstant4.9
3.CashViews$0.001-$0.017+10-50 secPP,AP1 week4.8
4.IfBux$0.001-$0.018+30 secPP, AP1 week4.8
5.IncraseBux$0.015+30 secPP, APinstant4.8
6.BuxJunction$0.019+15 secAP, LR3 days4.7
7.Clicksia$0.001-$0.00320+10 secPP, AP
8.LogiPTC$0.005-$0.01**5-10 secPP1 week4.7
9.ClixSense$0.01**30 secchecksmonthly4.6
10.BuxPool$0.0025+15 secPP, APinstant4.6
11.LinkGrand$0.001-$0.0062-1030 secPP1 day4.4
12.WordLinx$0.001-$0.0053+30 secPP2 days4.3

OnBux work at home online internet earning through

OnBux is fastest growing best graphic designed website with a comfortable user interface and navigation with fool proof arrangement to stop non-human automation software cheats. The stability and up time of the website is exceptionally good.

As registered members, online users get paid to view the advertisement by the sponsors, ensuring benefits both for advertisers and users. Advertiser gets traffic and potential customers if someone is interested to buy their product. User get $0.01 for every advertisement he surf through OnBux followed by a random image mouse click to confirm you are human.

User get registers through email account and logs in after email verification, to view advertisements. A progress bar appears on the advertisement with a letter shown upon completion, user have to click on that correct letter in a list provided in front to claim the credit. There are initially 4 advertisement for a standard user every day. On your account log in all the important user and earning information are available in the form of text, tables, charts and graphs.

User gets $0.01 for every advertisement viewed and clicked as standard member.
User gets $0.02 for every advertisement viewed and clicked as ultimate member.
User gets $0.01 for every advertisement viewed and clicked by your referrals.

Once you have minimum $2.00 in your account, you can withdraw your money through OnBux Instant Payment System, that deliver money through check and other options using payment partners PayPal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve or Neteller directly in your country. From a continuous active financial transaction log, here are the last 10 user, who have just cashed out today evening while I was writing this article:

OnBux Realistic Online Earning Potential

So far, they’ve paid more than two hundred thousands dollars to their users, and still paying. Hundreds of payment proofs can be seen in their forum. They pay with four methods including Paypal and Alertpay.

When it comes to serious business, first thing one need to understand is, no business can earn good money without investments and reinvestment. It can take one almost a month to make $1 and I know users on OnBux earning $50/day. So everybody earns according to share of investment.

One can order a cash out as soon as reached $2 and on the other hand one can go for investing those bucks to rent referrals to make him may be $5 next month and so on. Plus you can go for upgrade to substantially increase your earning from your OnBux balance or from your pocket money.

There are Onbox user with 3000 referrals (direct + rented) with monthly cash out receipts of some of money like $500. May be an $85 upgrade sounds costly but believe me its really worth it when you have ample chances of earning a good multiple of it 3 to 5 times. Here under is a chart of upgrade fees at the movement:

Happy easy online money making with work at home!
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