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Vonage Login and account sign in help and customer service numbers. Vonage is one of the top phone service providers for home phone, small business phone, and business phone systems. Learn about our features & plans today.

Vonage is an internet telephony and broadband connection services provider. It provides voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based telecommunication services to domestic and commercial business users. Vonage also offers its users dedicated Vonage fax line with its own number from Vonage VoIP fax solution. Vonage Fax app also supports Vonage fax to email feature.

Vonage US (NYSE) was established 15 years ago, in 2001 by Carlos Bhola, Jeff Pulver, and Jeffrey Citron in a building previously occupied by Prudential Financial. It is now headquartered in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, United States. Starting from the United States, it has expanded to Canada and UK.

Vonage VoIP Phone Serivice delivers clear call quality and simple setup. Vonage is a quality voice over internet service compared to Skype, Google Voice, Ooma, magicJack, Obihai, Nextiva, RingCentral, Comwave, 8x8, and Grasshopper. Vonage is cheap compared to standard carriers like and Verizon but costs more than some other VoIP providers. Vonage also lacks some features other competitors include. But it is very good at the quality of voice.

Vonage Subscriber base consisted of around 2.5 million users, in conjunction with mobile application services, back in 2014. Vonage was previously a consumer-focused service provider. It expanded its presence in the business marketplace by following acquisitions:
  • Vocalocity, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based communications services.
  • Telesphere, a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider to large companies.
  • iCore Networks, also a UCSaaS provider to large companies, for $92 million.
  • SimpleSignal, another UCSaaS service provider to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • gUnify, a cloud-based communications service provider to businesses.
Vonage Login - Account Sign in & Customer Service

Vonage Login - Account Sign in help

You can view Home Phone Plans by visiting Vonage website. You can view or purchase your personal plan directly by signing in into vonage.com login. If you have an existing Vonage account, then please follow the steps below for Vonage Sign in sign into your account:

Vonage Login Guide

  1. Opening your browser and visit www.vonage.com.
  2. Once the official Vonage homepage is loaded, click on My Account link in the top navigation bar:

    Vonage login
  3. Please enter your Vonage Username and Password in the drop-down box appeared with a login form.
  4. Now click on the Sign In button for vonage login into your account.

Vonage Login - Reset password

In case you forget the password to your Vonage login and can not sign in on your account, you can reset the password to you Vonage account.

To reset Vonage login password, please use the Forgot password link in the login drop-down. It will take you to the Vonage password recovery page. Enter your Username or 10 digit phone number and the security code and click on the "Next” button.

Vonage Reset Password

Vonage Customer Service Phone & Fax numbers

Vonage Support, helps you with information and guidance on how to login and use your Vonage services.

Important Vonage Links

Vonage Customer Care Phone Numbers

Vonage customer care is available in English and Spanish. You can call Vonage customer service 7 days a week, between 8:00AM to 2:00AM Estern Time. You can call vonage customer service phone numbers within or outside US, UK and Canada. The phone number that you use to call us depends on whether you are calling from a Vonage phone number or a non-Vonage phone number.

Vonage Customer Service Phone Number in US

Use these country-specific phone number listed in the following to contact Vonage customer care from a non-Vonage phone number. If your country is not listed, use the phone number specified for All Other Countries. Most of the listed phone numbers are toll free. Country specific Vonage customer service phone numbers to call from a non-Vonage number are:
  • Vonage customer service phone number in US is +1 866-243-4357. It is toll-free from any Vonage phone number in any country.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Canada is +1 877-272-0528.
  • Vonage customer service phone numbers in UK are +0800-008-6000 and 0207-993-9000. These Vonage customer care numbers are available 7 days a week 9:00AM to midnight. These are toll-free numbers from any Vonage phone number in any country.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Brazil is 0-800-892-1311.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Colombia 01-800-710-2239.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Dominican Republic is 800-751-9093.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Venezuela is 800-100-4331.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Philippines is 1-800-1116-1170.
  • Vonage customer service phone number in Mexicois 001-855-246-9154. Toll free service may not be available, whenyou call from mobile phone or PBX. In this case, call +1-646-564-2845, provide your name, number and request a return call. Please mention that you are calling from an international number without toll free calling facility.
  • Dial Vonage Customer Service universal international toll-free number +800-6611-2012 if you are in Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Spain or Taiwan.
  • For all other countries, call +1-646-564-2845, leave you details and request a call back.
References: vonage.com, wikipedia.org
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