Best iPad Apps for Kids and Toddlers 2014

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Checkout our selection of top best iOS Apps for Kids in 2014 that can be download through iTune on iPhone 4/5/5S, iPhone 6, iPad mini, iPad Air/4/3/3 or on an iPod touch 46, iPod touch 5G or upcoming iPod touch 6G.

Apple store, iTunes is filled with more than 800 apps that are geared at ensuring kids have some of the most exciting moments online while browsing the internet using their iPads or iPods for educational purposes. Apple iPad can be one of the most valuable infotainment and learning device for kids between the ages of 3 to 7 years.

The iPad is a wonderful device for surfing the Web, watching movies, even getting work done. But Kids too love nothing more than anything else to get their hands on an iPad or iPd mini.

Toddlers learn more through repetition color recognition and interaction of which a number of iPads apps have been developed to provide some of the most interesting and educational apps. iPad are responsive and patient devices with large touch screens of which children can use with ease to develop their motor skills.

Best iPad Apps for Kids and Toddlers 2014

Best iPad Apps for Kids and Toddlers 2014

Below are some of the best iPad Apps for Kids in 2014 to give your kids a head start in the learning process during their development stages:
  1. Talking Gina and Giraffe ($2.99)
    This is one of the most exciting apps that kids can use to talk and feed their favorite pet giraffe, Gina. The app has been developed such that it imitates sounds that kids produce. Your kid will find it interesting to hear Gina repeat the same words that he or she is saying. The more frequently a toddler interacts with Gina, the more cheery she will be giving out rewards such as balloon or kisses.

    Kids can feed Gina with a variety of snacks some of which that are free such as carrots, strawberries, ice cream and water while others will need to be downloaded.

  2. Lonely Beast ABC ($2.99)
    The Lonely Beast ABC is an iPad app inspired by Chris Judge’s beloved children’s book. This funky little app has gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations of monkeys, robots, and more. If this app looks familiar, it may be because The Lonely Beast ABC was featured in an iPad commercial.

    Parents will like this app because it has no third-party ads, no social media links, and no IAP. Toddlers can learn their ABCs in a safe app environment that has plenty of visual panache.

  3. Mooo Baa, La La ($3.99)
    This is an interactive digital book app that costs $3.99 and offers appeal for traditional pop up with interactive appeals for toddlers. The app allows kids to listen to a story being read to them while also reading subtitles on their iPad. The App essentially helps kids to learn how to recognize letters and words.
    The app also allows kids to select an animal and listen to the sounds that they produce allowing them to learn and identify different types of animals at an early stage of their development.

  4. Clicksticky ($1.99)
    Clicksticky costs $1.99 and allows toddlers to interact with various characters as they learn various objects such as airplanes, fish and animals. The sticker characters can be rotated scaled and dragged to imaginary scenes. Some of the themes that are available on the app include, dolls, dinosaurs, ocean aviation and safaris.
    The app essentially allows toddlers to have fun while using their imaginations using interactive scenes.

  5. Shape Builder Lite (Free)
    The app allows kids to move shapes that easily snap into puzzles with each puzzle coming with 10 pieces. Once a kid finishes filling a puzzle an image will appear with a voice announcing its name. Shape Builder teaches kids fine motor skills and cognitive thinking while revealing commonly used objects such as musical instruments, food and animals, as well as letters of the alphabet.

    The app costs 99 cents coming with 146 puzzles able to teach kids the names of 30 instruments, 17 fruits and vegetables, as well as 37 animals.

  6. I Hear Ewe (Free)
    I Hear Ewe is an iPad app that is appealing and simple to use. The app can reveal cartoon images of 24 animals and 12 vehicles. Once a kid touches a vehicle or an animal on the iPad the app reveals its name as well as the sound that the object reveals. This is a learning tool that helps kids learn the names of various cars and animals

  7. Pat the Bunny ($3.99)
    Pat the Bunny is a high tech iPad app that is a touch and feel interactive book first published in 1940. The app costs $3.99 allowing toddlers to explore by tapping and swiping the screen. Kids can also play hide and seek with Bunny, pop bubbles in the bathtub as well as catch butterflies in the garden.
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