New iMac 2014 Release Date, Specs and Price

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Checkout the new iMac 2014 Release Date, Specs and Price.

A lot of users can be seen asking the question that Should I buy an iMac now or wait for update late 2014? So we are giving you a head up all the rumors about Apple next generation of iMac, expected this year.

The Apple Company, which holds the name of giants in the industry of technology, is giving outputs which are productive and cost effective every year. Over the years of having experience and being user friendly, Apple is always giving their best to their customers.

The iMac was last updated on 24 September 2013 when Apple added the Haswell processor, new graphics, next generation Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage options.

New iMac 2014 Release Date, Specs and Price

New iMac 2014 Release Date, Specs and Price

Since the last update of iMac is not a long time ago, the new iMac is expected as a different one from the previous iMac. And also the new iMac will be releasing as a low cost iMac implying that the Apple is making iMacs which are cost effective and affordable by anyone. Therefore a large amount of sales is expected after the new release and it will be a huge achievement by the Apple Company.

iMac 2014 Release Date

Analysts predict that the new iMac will be released in the coming month of June at WWDC. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that Apple will launch a range of new iMacs including a new, low-cost iMac at WWDC on 2 June.

According to the reports; Apple is expecting a 23% increase in the shipment of iMac. And also predictions say that over 2.8 million pieces if iMac will be sold out as soon as it gets released.

iMac 2014 Price

At present, the entry level iMac which is in the market is priced at £1,149 and the entry level Mac mini is priced at £499. The entry level MacBook Air costs £859.

So the new iMac can be expected at a price around £949 which is in between the other prices but in the same price range of iMac.

The rumors say that the reason why Apple is introducing this low cost iMac is that Apple is going to discontinue the production of Mac mini.

iMac 2014 Specs

The iMac was redesigned in 2012 by the Apple Company. The change in the design was slimming down the iMac into a thinner design.

The design is almost the same as the design of MacBook. So a change in the design of the iMac might not be seen in the new iMac which is going to be released in June, 2014.

According to MacRumors, the new iMac will have the latest Intel chips in it. The latest Intel chip is named as Broadwell. But due to manufacturing problems, this Intel chip is delayed.

The new iMac will have a screen with high resolution. But a retina display cannot be expected this time as when the size of the screen increase, the need of graphic cards inside the iMac will also increase. So the new iMac will no longer be a low cost iMac if a retina display is used.

With the features the current iMac has and with new features and modifications in the already available features in iMac can be expected in the coming iMac. That will be more user friendly and since the latest Intel processor is used inside the new iMac, a fast and reliable version of the iMac will be released for an endured price.
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