Samsung S5 Rumors: QHD display, Eye Sensor, Diamond Coating

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Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 are some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014.

What features to expect from 5th generation Samsung flagship smartphone is a million dollar question. Piles of new reports are getting published daily with some hints and rumored about the Galaxy S5 Release Dates and Samsung S5 Specs.

Here is a Samsung S5 rumors roundup of some of most loud things happening coming up:

Samsung is also set to announce its first quad-HD display smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014), which it most likely the Samsung S5 Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs will include 5 inches QHD display with resolution of 2560 x 1440 at 585 ppi, 64-bit Quard-Core processor supported by
3GB RAM, 16MP rear camera, a gigantic 4,000 mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

Samsung S5 Rumors: QHD display, Eye Sensor, Diamond Coating

Famous French website, NoWhereElse has published some leaked images of Samsung S5 device internals and conclude that flagship device will measure 143.83mm long, 72.27mm wide and 69.8mm thick.

A careful analysis of leaked images shows that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have rear camera positioned at top right corner instead of middle. Samsung S5 2014 flagship smartphone is expected to feature improved 16MP camera with new eye scanning feature.

Samsung S4 Galaxy Eye Sensor Feature

We have posted a detailed article on how iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Touch-ID works. Experts believe that After Apple had launched Fingerprint Scanner technology with iPhone 5S, Samsung S5 Retina tracker also known as "Eye Scrolling" feature is sure to come.

Samsung already launched the retina tracker which tracks your eye movements and starts/pauses a video when you are distracted with their current flagship, Samsung Galaxy S4.

ZDNet Korea has reported that Samsung S5 will launch with retina verification. Whether the retina verification will be restricted to unlocking the device/accessing certain locked apps or will be more functional is still under the question.

If you have interest in Biometric Technology, you might know that Retina Scan has several advantages over conventional Fingerprint Scan, including but not limited to security, accuracy, efficiency and privacy point of view. From public biometric system, Fingerprint scanners are increasingly being replaced with Retina technology for it is pron to transmit contiguous infections.

Samsung Design 3.0

According to sources close to the South Korean phone maker, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be used to launch with new "Samsung Design 3.0" standard.

We don’t have the idea what Design 3.0 really looks and feels like, but it look Samsung has learned it lessons from Galaxy S4 vs htc ONE comparison and has start to use aluminum and carbon fiber materials for its high-end smartphones to improve their build and finishing quality.

Samsung S4 Diamond Coated Casing

According to reports leaked, Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a unique super tough unscratchable diamond coated casing, to give it added protection and improve sturdiness. This does tally with rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S5 debuting in an all-metal avatar.

However, the Diamond Coating technology is complex and history indicates that its less likely that Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature it, as Samsung S4 release date is not too far. However, it is quite possible that Samsung might reserve the diamond coating for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch which will be much later in 2013.

Samsung S4 Active, Zoom and Mini

Some Samsung S4 rumors suggest that the handset will be again come in multiple variants including Samsung S5 Active, Samsung S5 Zoom and Samsung S5 mini along with the standard model. The next generation Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Samsung GamePad is likely accompany the fifth generation Samsung S5 launch in April 2014.

If MWC 14 sees any glimpse of Samsung S5, it should go on sale towards the end of April. Which means we still have to wait for another few months to see what comes out of Samsung Galaxy S5 box.
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