iPhone 5S Price in Pakistan and Release Date 2013

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Apple Phone 5S is coming out in Pakistan with exquisite features including 12MP dual-flash camera, A7 processor and AuthenTec fingerprint technology sensor.

iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner can be used to unlock the iPhone5S and will not only bring the smartphone security and privacy to a whole new level of authentication, but also pave the ways for secure online payments and financial transaction.

The new iPhone 5S runs Apple iOS 7, the latest version of Apple smartphone operating system, unveiled in June, 2013. Apple iOS7 this time packs different menus and icons with flatter looks and the ability to record slow-motion videos at a rate of 120 FPS instead of 30 FPS. Checkout a complete iOS 7 Features list and new iOS 7 vs Android 5.0 comparison.

Samsung Galaxy Note3 Release Date in Pakistan, ahead of Apple iPhone 5S Release Date; has just put new iPhone 5S in direct sales struggle with 5.7 inches hard to beat Galaxy Note 3.

After iPhone 5 launch in October last year, Apple iPhone 5S is launching with new features compared to previous iPhones. Apple iPhone 5 received 2 millions order within 24 hours of its release. Apple hopes that iPhone 5S will maintain the same popularity compared to iPhone5 and new Galaxy Note 3.
Apple iPhone 5S Price in Pakistan and Release Date 2013

iPhone 5S Release Date in Pakistan 2013

Apple is holding an iPhone 5S unveiling event on September 10, 2013. If Apple follows its usual course for iPhone 5S shipment dates, we can expect iPhone 5S to be available in Pakistan a couple of weeks later. Which means new iPhone 5S Release Date in Pakistan will be late September or first week of October, 2013.

iPhone 5S Price in Pakistan

Apple iPhone 5S Price in Pakistan will be 80,000 PKR initially, in the first week of its availability in Pakistan, mainly due to heavy profit margin early importers charge, to milk extra cash on their pre-order investment.

The iPhone5S price in Pakistan will finally settle down to 70,000 Rupees by December 2013, for a factory unlocked 16GB base model. Below are the details for other storage models of new iPhone 5S 2013:
  • iPhone 5S 16 GB price in Pakistan = 69,900
  • iPhone 5S 32 GB price in Pakistan = 79,900
  • iPhone 5S 64 GB price in Pakistan = 89,900
  • iPhone 5S 128 GB price in Pakistan = 99,900+ (if available in Pakistan)

Apple iPhone 5S Specs and Features

iPhone 5S Specs appears to be identical to the iPhone 5, but the internal hardware specification have been significantly upgraded.

There are reports that hints that new iPhone 5S could be available in colors other than just black and white. A Golden iPhone 5S has been long into rumors, despite being an usual color scheme for Apple.

iPhone 5S features 4-inches Retina+ Sharp IGZO display 1136×640 resolution with Full HD 1080p. The new iPhone 5S features Quad-core A7 processor with PowerVR SGX544MP4 GPU and 2GB RAM.

Apple iPhone 5S introduces the NFC and a fingerprint scanner too. The iPhone 5S hardware specs are an good incremental update, but not massively exciting.

The 12MP camera with dual-LED flash is nice, bridging the gape created by Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia PureView cameras. While 2GB of RAM could help with multitasking. The quad-core GPU will undoubtedly keep the graphically-intensive iOS 7 running smoothly.
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