How to Increase PTCL Evo Speed and Signal Strength for Wingle/WiFi

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Learn how to increase the Speed and Signal Strength for PTCL Evo/Nitro/Cloud/Wingle with 3.0/9.3 date rate.

PTCL Evo 3G (also called EVDO) user gets an average speed of 1~1.50 Mbps while he pays for 3.0 Mbps. Therefore, to help and assists PTCL Evo user, we have compiled this tutorial on "How to Increase PTCL Evo Speed and Signal Strength" so that everyone can enjoy better internet and connectivity service.

PTCL is the largest telecom operator in broadband and wireless broadband service in Pakistan. Despite of privatization, Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd is still keeping with its tradition of not bothering about Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction. Beside telecom services, there customer support and complaint management system is worst. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should take a notice against them.

However, PTCL Evo 3G/Nitro/Cloud packages and services are one of the best source of wireless internet connectivity and with largest coverage in almost 250+ cities all across Pakistan. After PTCL Evo and Nitro Clouds, it has also launched a new device called PTCL Evo Wingle that supports 9.3 Mbps data. But a lot of PTCL Evo user, including the new Evo Wingle users are sometimes left with no option other than quit their service within 3 days of signing because of low speed and signal strength at there homes and offices.

Increase PTCL 3G Evo/Nitro/Wingle Speed and Signals Strength

PTCL Evo Speed is the most common issue with the Evo/Nitro/Cloud users are suffering from. User do not get the speed they are paying for. The reason is PTCL has very few tower in per city serving the EVO/Nitro customers, which are not enough to cover the whole city. That is the reason user get low signal strength and speed results.

How to Increase PTCL Evo/Nitro/Cloud Speed and Signals

If you are not receiving good speed at your PTCL Evo its is because of low signal strength at your device. Most importantly, if you are using PTCL Evo USB device, to can never get good speed, if you have low signal strength. No software or settings could help you to give you best speed on evo wireless. There are several methods you can use to use to increase PTCL Evo signals. Here under are the few with better success rates:
  1. Increase PTCL Evo Speed and Signal Strength using External Antenna

    PTCL Evo Speed and Signal Strength can be increased with the use of an external Antenna. One can easily get that Antenna with 40 feet cable, available at all PTCL one stop shops or at any PTCL authorized shops for 500 to 800 Rupees only. The external antenna when plugged into the Evo device can give a good signal reception. However, while using the external Antenna to increase PTCL Evo speed and signal strength, please keep the following point in mind:
    • Install the PTCL Evo antenna at a higher place at least 60 feet above ground level to get good signals.
    • Keep the length of the wire, attached with external antenna, as shorter as possible as it will save the signal loss caused by the cable.
    • Avoid use of external antenna in thunder storms, since can not only damage your Evo device, but can result in serious injuries.

  2. Increase PTCL Evo Signals Strength using Homemade Antennas

    This is method will also help those user who has devices without antenna port. Get a plain Compact Disc (CD) with both sides empty. Which means there should be no sticker, coating or printing on either side. Flip the CD/DVD over to EVO device antenna. It will increase your signal reception:
    Increase PTCL Evo Signals Strength using Homemade Antennas

    Get thin naked silver, aluminum or copper wire and twist the wire around the PTCL Evo device, so as to form a spiral around the device. It will help you to fetch signals. The top of the wire spiral should start about 10 cm, and then you will need to add some more spirals (three or four) such that they are roughly 5cm. After that you need to leave a straight wire about 1.5 cm in length. To turn the wire, I would suggest you twist it around a pencil or pen and then adjust the spiral distance by hand.

    Increase PTCL Evo Signals Strength using Homemade Antennas

  3. Increase PTCL Evo Speed with 3G Router

    You can increase PTCL Evo Speed with 3G Router. 3G Router increases power to EVO to fetch more signals. Tp-link TL-MR-3420, 3220, 3040 and 3020 are some recommended and low cost 3G routers to be used with PTCL Evo device. Using a 3G router with Evo device has a couple of additional advantages:
    • You can use your device in open areas like at roof.
    • EVO internet can be shared with other users via LAN Cables
    • EVO internet can be shared with other users via WiFi
Hope these methods will work for you as they did for me to Increase PTCL Evo signals and speed. Don’t forget to give your feedback and also share your methods with here under in comments section.

Increase PTCL Evo Speed and Signals Strength

PTCL has an Evo device return policy within 3 days of purchase, in case of no signals at your location or in case you are not satisfied with the service. You will not get your refund instantly, rather you will have to wait for a month before you get your amount back in form of cheque. You can call PTCL helpline at 0800 80 800 or visit PTCL website at
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